Chris Rock went to therapy after Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars | Movie

AND Leslie Jonesold friend Chris Rockto reveal more details about the impact Will Smith’s slap, broadcast live around the world during the 2022 Oscars, had on the comedian in an interview with People magazine.

Rock often talked about what happened during his comedy shows, one of which was later broadcast live on Netflix called Selective Outrage. But according to Jones, the incident had a profound psychological impact on the comedian, so much so that it convinced him to go to therapy with his two daughters Lola, 21, and Zahra, 19:

What happened was humiliating. This had a very strong influence on him. People should think about the fact that his daughters, his relatives saw this scene live. He had to go to therapy with his two daughters.

Jones was by her colleague and friend’s side from the start during the difficult weeks following what happened at the Oscars, and says she was furious:

You have no idea, I jumped into the car and ran there to intervene. I was so furious in so many ways.

According to the actress, Will Smith should have approached the situation differently. Having accepted the Oscar minutes later, he should have apologized to The Rock instead of waiting until the next day when he posted a message on Instagram (and then posted a video in July):

I absolutely don’t think he behaved correctly at that moment. “I shouldn’t have done that.” Bring Chris on stage. “I can’t accept the Oscar because I did something so damn wrong.”

Jones and Rock have known each other since the mid-nineties and have been friends ever since: “He’s like a brother to me,” the actress explains to People. “He is always there, ready to give me great advice whenever I need it.”

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