Chrissy Teigen and John Legend vacation video 6

After some adversity, Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend make their dream come true. great holiday with all 4 children. It was not easy to get there, but now there is only room for joy and carelessness.

Difficult decision

Chrissy Teigen he never hid that he wanted a big family. Also for this reason, passing miscarriage for her it was a trauma. After this experience, which she spoke about freely and in detail to help other women who were going through a similar situation, she decided to try to get pregnant again, and in parallel left open one more option: surrogate pregnancy. With the full support of her husband, she married in 2013. Cernobbio.

Two newbies

two things ended overlapand Chrissy and John have welcomed a whopping 2 newcomers into their family for months. In fact, in January 2023, a child was born from a natural pregnancy. Summer. However, in June Wren Alexanderby a surrogate mother who, in the meantime, became a great friend of the Legend family and who was identified by the former model as “Angel”.

First full vacation

Now 6 go to premiere full vacation, in a large villa with pool, for maximum relaxation and tranquility. They brought with them a vintage Nintendo console, Lego bricks and all their love. Except the smallest ones, they couldn’t miss Moon Simoneldest of 7 years, e Miles Theodore5. The two older brothers take care of Rene and Esty and their love is also palpable in the photos posted on social media.

A dream that comes true

The photos posted by Chrissy and John tell of an eventful but very beautiful vacation, and from the face of the mother you can see everything relief and happiness to create a real dreamas she herself admits.


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