Chrissy Teigen is ashamed cruelly body on Twitter but has a powerful response to the trolls


Chrissy Teigen may have earned its fame as a model, but is also a warrior for positivity in the body. After marrying John Legend and having two beautiful babies, a woman of 31 years has repeatedly demonstrated that real women are beautiful, stretch marks and all. The trolls in line sometimes are not in accordance with the attitude of acceptance of Teigen, but she always has the best applause. And his recent publication of a video from the “trap of thirst” he proved this once more.

Chrissy Teigen jokes about being a “trap of thirst” in a recent video

In recent years, Teigen has built a vast presence in the social networks. Often entertains his followers with publications ingenious, and demonstrates that it is not afraid of being real, like when they took a picture of herself devouring a can of genius of the cheese.

Recently, he joked about the tendency of the “trap of thirst”, a title given to the photos that are obviously posted to make others “thirsty” or just looking for attention and compliments. Teigen posted a short video of himself on Twitter, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, in a bathing suit, black low cut. She subtituló the publication: “don’t get caught.”

While most of her fans supported it and I loved the clip, others were not so kind. Many people commented on your appearance in a negative way.

“Pancakes loose,” wrote one person.

Several comments bad is focused on his figure straight. “In the form of sponge bob lol,” wrote one person, indicating their lack of curves.

One person even had the audacity to comment on her marriage. “John Legend has to be cheating”, they wrote.

Unfortunately for that petty person, anyone paying attention knows that Legend believes that his wife is beautiful and always very supportive.

The powerful response from Chrissy Teigen to the trolls who embarrass the body

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Of course, Teigen was not willing to let fly all those negative comments. In response to all the trolls who criticized her figure, she wrote: “Everyone used to … curves improved surgically. I’ve been a square all my life and let me tell you that it has been worthwhile in so many ways! “

Fans loved his answer. But that was not all what she had to say. Teigen also posted another comment some time after. “Imagine if one day appeared with hips and an ass. Oh Ooooo, you also enojarían! I am happy, John is happy, we are all happy and we’re good! ” she wrote.

A woman should never have to defend yourself for feeling beautiful and safe. However, we are glad that Teigen is brave enough to face all that hate. With luck, anyone who is struggling with body image will see your answer and inspire you to love yourself as is.

The actress Good Place, Jameela Jamil saw the video of Teigen and immediately issued his support. “I loved the video. I did not see a way. I just see fire, “ he wrote. Honestly, the response of Jamil is the way everyone should see the video.

Chrissy Teigen had to learn to love himself

While Teigen now has to do with the positivity of the body, it is not always thought that way. In an interview with Glamour UK, Teigen talked about how he spent “decades” to criticize his body.

“I used to weighing me every morning, afternoon, and night,” he said. “I knew what the scale would say after each meal. I did that for eight years and I had this weight that I wanted to be. ”

Fortunately, the birth of their children, Luna and Thousands, taught him to really appreciate your body. In addition, it has finally reached a point in your career that is successful and has a marriage loving. As pointed out by Teigen, it makes no sense to concentrate on what you want to change about your body, when everything else about life is so good.

“When you’re happy in other aspects of your life, you matter less,” he said. “When I see my smile crazy and strange and my teeth are too big for my mouth, I see who shows excitement and happiness genuine, so I don’t see it as something negative.”

We are very happy that Teigen has given an account of this, because their witty responses on Twitter are very funny and inspiring for other women.