Chrissy Teigen strikes to the writer of food that criticized his fine-dining empire


“I think that probably we should stop to follow us to each other”.

Chrissy Teigen spoke about the criticism of the writer of food-Alison Roman about his fine-dining empire.

In an interview with The New Consumer, published on Thursday, the renowned columnist for the New York Times delved into the model and said, “I like what Chrissy Teigen has done it’s crazy for me. Had a successful cooking book. And then it was like: Boom, line at Target. Boom, she now has a page on Instagram that has over a million followers in what is, simply, as people who manage a farm of content for it “.

“That horrifies me and is not something you want to do,” continued Roman. “I don’t aspire to that. But who is laughing now? Because it is earning a lot of money”.

Well, that didn’t sit well with Teigen, as he went to Twitter to say how to shade the left “so discouraged by the words of a fellow lover of food”.

“This is a big nuisance and it hit me hard,” he began. “I have done [Roman’s] recipes for years, bought the cookbooks, supported social networks and praised in the interviews. I even signed up to produce the same program spoken of in this article. “

The mother of two went on to defend your web site Cravings, which shares the same name as her cookbooks, saying that she wanted to do something independent of her husband, John Legend, while creating something that the “slow”.

It is also outraged with Roman calling him a “farm” content, as they tweeted: “Cravings is not a ‘machine’ or ‘content culture’, we are me and 2 other women.”

“This ‘farm’ that you think does not exist. I am the farm. I am cows, horses, pigs”, tweeted later.

Insisting that they are not “sold out,” added Chrissy, “Having a line of kitchen utensils, to be part of that process from beginning to end, to see something go from sketch to my hands, I love it.”

“It has been horrible to deal with this all day, but I couldn’t not say something. I know the tears that I put in the work that I do and it is really hard to see someone try to invalidate it completely. Someone that I really liked it”. “

She reiterated her admiration for Roman, and tweeted: “wow, I Really loved everything about Alison. I was jealous of having a book with food on the cover instead of a face!”

The star of “Chrissy”s Court” even mentioned the criticism of Roman to Marie Kondo, to whom the writer of food he said that “he capitalized on his fame” and that they “sold out” after you create a line of products.

“They simply had no idea that I was perceived that way, especially for her,” wrote Chrissy. “And Marie, too. Marie is incredible.”

He concluded his posting by saying: “Of all modes. Now that this is out there, I think that we should probably stop following us”.

Jameela Jamil learned of the distress of Chrissy and supported him, tweeting: “Man … this is a big nuisance. Also it is always so nasty and cliché to be a white woman, hitting women of color by building great brands and having success in the business. “

“Forgot to mention the kitchen utensils Martha Stewart or were only two asian women with whom he is angry?”

Roman, for his part, apologized to Chrissy in a series of tweets.

“Really sorry I caused you pain with what I said. Should not have used to you / to your business (or that of Marie!) As an example to show what I wanted for my own career: it was brash, sloppy, and I’m so sorry, “ he wrote.

“To be a woman who knocks down other women is not my thing and I do not think that is yours (obviously I was not able to communicate it effectively). I hope we can meet someday, I think probably we would move well. “

Chrissy still has not responded.

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