Christian Chavez collaborates with Bad Bunny and reacts to Internet users; “I don’t think I need it”

Fans of RBD and Bad Bunny spoke out about the scandalous statements of one of the members of the Mexican group. And that’s why Christian Chavez wanted to work with the governor of Puerto Rico. Today he is one of the most popular artists in the world.

The youth group that originated from the Televisa soap opera “Rebelde” announced that they were back on scripts for a month, causing a stir among RBD fans. people of those times eagerly await the return of their idols to the Mexican stages.

RBD held concerts in the United States and were well received by the public. However, one of their members mentioned this during a recent interview where they stated that they did not want to collaborate with Bad Bunny.

As part of the Primer Impacto program the interviewer asked the band members who were seen singing “Sálvame”, one of RBD’s most popular themes, in Puerto Rico: to which the group members responded that yes.

The presenter noticed the moment and said that she would like to collaborate with El Conejo Malo, to which Christian Chavez immediately responded: “Really no.” Before the unexpected reaction of those present, both presenters, cLike the rest of the rebels, Christian Chavez said that he was a villain and supposedly gives them pleasure.

“Imagine who wouldn’t want to work with Bad Bunny, I think he’s one of the most important Latin icons in the world.” I say singer. Through social circles, Internet users reacted to Chavez’s good humor and charisma. although many of my subscribers were convinced that I said this seriously.

“I said it clearly, and dear Christopher said, ‘We’re not asking for it, essentially.’” “I believed them more when I said no than when I said “obviously yes.”,” “I think , that they are not needed, they are the only ones who shine, they always sing live without listening,” These are some of the comments you are reading.

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