Christian crazy train –


In the sport, on many occasions, the mentality and the capacity of effort and suffering is the difference between the good and the best. The Mamba Mentality of Kobe Bryant, or the hours of work of Michael Jordan you could compare with the discipline spartan of Cristiano Ronaldo. That preparation almost obsessive to be ready to win and then get it.

The player of Juventus trained at home during the break and it arrived in a good state of form. On these dates, Christian would already be past his peak form of the end of the season but, given the uniqueness of this, has postponed its best. The Calcium will begin in 19 days for Juventus and Christian squeezes to arrive at the start of their best time.

In search of that optimal state, the Portuguese are working as never before to his 35 years. This Tuesday will be presented at the Sports City of the Juventus four hours before the group session and conducted several exercises on your own in addition to the training set. Added to Tuttosport, the striker of Madeira has left some excellent data on various tests conducted to measure their physical ability to return to his confinement in Madeira. These marks would improve even the left before you leave.

Shield/Flag Juventus

In what was the season up to the stop required, Christian was completing a good campaign-level scorer totaling 25 goals in 32 matches. Between December and February, had a fever of goals in Serie A, marking all of the weeks from the day 14 to the 23, without failure, getting in addition, three doublets and a hat trick. Re getting to that streak could be key to a Juventus that is in the game the three titles, but that is tight in the League and has to climb in the Champions league. The 7 will be key.