Christian González, the Colombian who shone in the NFL

Colombian cornerback Christian González is one of the few players who has stood out from a slow start to the season for the Patriots, the NFL’s winningest team, in Week 2 Just two losses, this is the worst start since 2001.

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Patriots still sluggish

These are not good times for a team led by legendary coach Bill Belichick that is trying to rebuild a franchise under the guidance of Tom Brady. , the team won six Vince Lombardi Trophies, but its glory days were further and further away.

New England (Massachusetts) has been unable to overcome the offensive issues that have plagued it for several seasons. In contrast, at the beginning of the year, despite suffering two losses, their defensive group looked much better than in previous seasons.

Cristian Gonzalez had a solid performance on defense

And one of the most eye-catching players on the “Patriots” is rookie Christian Gonzalez from Colombia. The cornerback, who was born in Carrollton, Texas, to a Colombian father, gained the trust of head coach Belichick to play in the first two games of the season and became one of the team’s bright spots.

Gonzalez recorded his first sack against one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Jalen Hurts, in his first game against the Philadelphia Eagles in the last Super Bowl. . Additionally, he had seven tackles in that game and allowed just 84 yards. Although the Patriots lost 25-20.

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In Game 2 against the Miami Dolphins, a team that could turn out to be one of the biggest surprises of the season, Christian González made a brilliant stop with nine minutes remaining. He made the first interception of his NFL career on a pass attempt by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. In the last quarter of the game. Despite Gonzalez’s performance, the offense was unable to respond and the Patriots lost 24-17 in their first home game.

Additionally, the freshman out of Oregon made six tackles, once again blocked a pass and allowed just 40 yards, if we consider that he had receivers Tyreek Hill and Jayson ahead of him. Jaylen Waddel (Jaylen Waddel), two true speed masters, this number is particularly eye-catching. .

Christian Gonzalez’s stellar play has led his teammates to nickname him the “Silent Assassin,” as they claim he’s one of the few cornerbacks who can do his job without saying too much.

The fantasy of first victory

Week three of the NFL season could end the Patriots’ losing streak as they travel to the New York Jets on Sunday. The Big Apple is one win and one loss away, but they’ve lost a significant portion of their roster after starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers will miss the rest of the year with an Achilles injury. Attack power.

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