Christian helps train other crack


Cristiano Ronaldo is already in Italy. The footballer returned a little over a week after being isolated in Portugal during the pandemic. The seven, which is still pending the resumption of the Series, exercises for the duration of the quarantine in order not to lose his physical strength as usual.


But in addition to the routines imposed by the club, Christian used to do extra hours, whether working the abdominals, pedaling on the exercise bike or doing any other type of exercise that allows you to be in the best possible way.

Shield/Flag Juventus


*Updated data to date may 13, 2020

On this occasion, the player of 35 years has posted a video in the social networks in which you can see him training in the garden next to his son, that also plays in the lower categories of the Vecchia Signora. In the pictures you can see him teaching her to return high balls at the first touch, as well as you can also see a ladder of exercises of rope used in training sessions.

In addition, Christian added a message to the video that says “like father, like son”. If so, to Christian Junior his future looks promising.