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Christian Nodal marks a Justin Bieber with his new pet: a spider monkey

Christian Nodal credit: Bang Showbiz

Christian Nodal credit: Bang Showbiz

For some strange reason, celebrities seem to have a real weakness for exotic animals: there is the example of Michael Jackson with his chimpanzee Bubbles, that of Mike Tyson with his tigers or that of Justin Bieber with his capuchin monkey and his savannah cats, who they are a cross between a wild cat from Africa and a domestic one.

Mexican singer Christian Nodal, fiancé of pop star Belinda, has also not been able to resist getting an unusual pet: a spider monkey. The artist officially introduced the little primate a few days ago through his Instagram Stories, through a photo in which he appeared wrapped in a blanket and accompanied by the message: “The princess of the house, Piaf.”

Regardless of how adorable the image was, criticism has not been slow to rain on him from those who consider that Piaf would be much happier in his natural habitat and several associations for the defense of animal rights affirm that he has also committed a Federal crime breaking the law about the possession of wildlife.

At the moment Christian has not come to terms with the controversy nor has he explained what he plans to do with the primate when he travels for work. It should be remembered that Justin Bieber ended up abandoning his in Germany when he was detained at a Munich customs control and quarantined for not having the necessary documentation, which the interpreter never provided to retrieve it.

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