‘Christina Aguilera shouldn’t have been there’: former MTV president reveals backstory of Madonna and Britney Spears kiss at VMAs

Van Toffler reveals all the details of the 2003 performance made famous by Ciccone kissing Britney and Christina between ordeals, hate mail and Madonna’s first choice (which wasn’t Aguilera)

Instead of Christina Aguilera, it was supposed to be Jennifer Lopez.. Nearly 20 years later (and this is August 28), very interesting details emerge about one of the most iconic performances in the history of pop music, the one that saw in 2003 Britney Spears, Madonna, Aguilera and Missy Elliott Open MTV Video Music Awards. Interviewed rolling stone former president of MTV Van Toffler reveals backstory exhibitions became famous thanks to kiss Ciccone with Britney and Christina.

First among them was top secret, with impressive security measures to ensure no parts are leaked on test days. Then it became known that Madonna chose Jennifer Lopez, not Christina Aguilera. The pop star would like to have Britney and J. Lo or the best dancers in the area with him. However, Jennifer had to abandon the project, as she had already agreed to shoot the film. Let’s Dance? last summer. Cristina’s recruitment later proved successful, as she and Spears were seen as antagonists from the start. When the show’s director saw the sapphic kiss between the three of them in practice, she called Toffler: “You can’t tell anyone, but I think it will make you happy.” Indeed, the former president admits: “I remember everyone smiles and high-fives each other“.

At the time of the airing, everything went well, even more than expected. He was also there to attend the show. Justin Timberlake, just after breaking up with Britney. Therefore, one of the cameras followed him, wanting to catch his reaction to the performance of the former. The raised eyebrow from the sexy moves and the kiss with Madonna didn’t escape MTV’s gaze, which immediately rushed to him. effectively breaking the kiss between Ciccone and Aguilera. Christina’s team later asked the network to edit the performance for subsequent broadcasts, but this never happened. Meanwhile, the music channel received hate mail: “It’s okay,” Toffler says. “The older people just weren’t ready for it.” But if after 20 years we are still talking about it, it means that the goal has been achieved and the page of pop history has been passed on to posterity.

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