Christopher Nolan explains why this film exists thanks to Robert Pattinson

Christopher Nolan explains why Robert Pattinson is key to his latest film: Oppenheimer’s concept.

We are a month away from the release in Italian cinemas oppenheimer – in cinemas on August 23, while in the United States it will be released next week on July 21. barbie by Greta Gerwig.

new feature film directed by Christopher Nolan ,Dunkirk, The Beginning) is certainly one of the author’s most ambitious books and is based on the book Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. The Triumph and Tragedy of a Scientist Of Kai Byrd and Martin J. Sherwin. to represent a The key point in the concept of the film is however Robert PattinsonIn a recent interview, Nolan himself gave the reason for this.

Oppenheimer: Robert Pattinson and the gift that sparked Christopher Nolan’s creativity


As confirmed by Christopher Nolan, Robert Pattinson gave him a book of aphorisms by Robert Oppenheimer after the filming of keeper (2020), a film in which the two worked together.

When Nolan was asked if it was true that Robert Pattinson had anything to do with the making of the film and that he had given him a book on the scientist, he said:yes Rob (Pattinson), at the end of Tenet, where we have often quoted Oppenheimer. I wrote this about the incredible moment when Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project scientists realized that they could not completely eliminate the possibility that once they fired the first gadget, the first atomic bomb, they Could start a chain reaction that they could destroy. World. We used this idea as a metaphor for Tenet, in which RobThe director explained.

,As a wrap gift, he (Pattinson) gave me a book on the Oppenheimer formula. from the 1950s, where you can read these great intellectuals trying to cope with the enormous consequences of the changes they made forever Life for all of us!Nolan said. ,I was impressed, and impressed by the story.,

Tenet Robert Pattinson Christopher Nolan
Robert Pattinson with Christopher Nolan on the set of the film Tenet (2020)

Furthermore, when Nolan was asked why he chose not to cast Robert Pattinson in the film, he replied:she’s busy, she’s been in high demand lately,

we remind you that oppenheimerproduced by Syncopy Films and Atlas Entertainment, Coming to Italian cinemas on August 23, 2023, with distribution by Universal Pictures. However, the participation of realization artists is seen cillian murphy in the role of a hero, Robert Downey Jr. which reflects the role of Louise Strauss, Florence Pugh in the characteristics of Gene Tatlock, Emily Blunt which he explains Catherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer Serious efforts.

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