Christopher Soria coming out: how Real Madrid champion? ‘I am pessimistic in thinking that Barcelona will win this league’ – Ten


The controversial Christopher Soria he was at TEN and spoke of several issues related to the football world that surrounds it, Messi, Seville, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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The tertullian of ‘The Snack Bar’ he began his talk with Jorge Fermán and Georgina Hernández (journalists of TEN) presenting his famous bible, in honor of the crack argentino Lionel Messi.

“This is more than a bible, it’s a philosophy of life, a concept to interpret the world of football, to me, this sport would not make sense without his holiness Leo Messi, we’ve all dreamed of playing football how he does it, we are the privileged few”.

Will Messi win the Champions league more?: “I don’t think that Leo go to win a Champions League, I think we should ask not just one, and we would have to put it in the plural would be “a few”, it would be something beautiful to go back to see Messi lift a continental trophy”.

NIGHTMARES IN ROME AND LIVERPOOL: “I am of those who think that the competition is more demanding it is the Spanish league, it makes no sense that Barcelona have won the last league with 18 points difference against Real Madrid and after they are proclaimed champions of the Champions league by two and a half games good, have won other battles for other circumstances of unusual things such as criminal of Lucas Vázquez”.

And continued: “If we talk about concepts of playing football, the best team in the world has been the Barcelona of Ernesto Valverde, which happened above all in the Spanish league, it is true that he played 30 minutes bad to Rome, 40 minutes bad against Liverpool and the competition system you penalized, because the Champions did last season was immaculate”.

THE MENTAL PROBLEMS OF BARCELONA: “Have had problems of concentration in those important moments, the football has not been lacking, has been the character, I insist, the Barcelona Valverde has been the best of recent years”.

LEADERSHIP OF MESSI ON THE PITCH: “I think that, in a competition as a whole the Champions league, there has to be something more than football, for me it has another name, is to put the manhood on the table and that is what I miss them in face, is not a problem of Leo Messi, it is of the entire group, that no one is able to hit three screaming, teeth clenching and what I call ‘auntie, Where are the guys?'”.

ARTURO VIDAL: “I in Anfield I missed this player, at that time what I wanted to see hitting a kick to one of the Liverpool, I repeat, sportingly speaking, ‘The uncles, the aunts and uncles, me the f*** in the mother that me bare’, that disgust it gives me to remember it”.

RETURN TO SPANISH LEAGUE: “It’s been weeks of hard where it seems that here (Spain) we are close to all this to end and the fact that the football again makes us think that all of this just with the virus and confinement”.

And added: “I’m counting the hours, the minutes, to see him (Messi) ‘touching the barbita’ and see the things that makes me small mine that can’t hold on, I want to see it”.

FEAR OF CONTAGION AMONG FOOTBALLERS BY THE CORONAVIRUS: “There were players that rallied in return and others do not, but there is a clear case as that of Ivan Rakitic saying that as a footballer he felt in debt with the society, therefore, which had given the world of football to him and wanted to play to get a smile to the fans”.

THE REST OF THE LEAGUE HOW TO GO TO BARCELONA?: “We don’t know what is going to prioritize in the back, if the concepts of football, the technical or the physical, I have my doubts in this aspect and I have me theory, I believe that the physical aspects will be decisive and I think that Real Madrid is above Barcelona, the athletes of the white team is superior to Barca that are more technical”.

ADVANTAGE FOR REAL MADRID: “I am pessimistic in thinking that the Barcelona is going to win this league, I think that despite the fact that Madrid have two points of disadvantage and the calendar favors him at Barcelona, I think that the athletes set to white are favorites to win the championship.”

THE SEVILLE OR BARCELONA: “I am sick of Seville, what happens is that the fans prefer to talk about Messi, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Militao, of Vinicus before that of Seville”.

SERGIO RAMOS: “Obviously we talk, we are friends, but the last time they won the Champions League I said things next to Cristiano Ronaldo. “She grabs the medal and tells me, goes to you Christopher” and they begin to sing ‘Where is CR7?'”.

CONCEPT FOR CRISTIANO RONALDO: “CR7, I know he is a good athlete, that jumps a lot, which has the eyebrows more perfect, no one better than him and the abs that you do, everything that I value, no one denies it”. ‘What’s strange in Spain?’: Those who miss are the ones of Real Madrid, because of course with many goals that he did, the 15 criminal and three or four in out of the game and on top when you switch to a Christian by Vinicius Junior, the difference is brutal.”

SECRETS OF THE BIBLE: “Inside are written all the older episodes, the art works of Leo Messi, every goal he makes, assists, everything immaculate and there are only three people who can see, the own Messi, the disciple Christopher Soria and Jorge D’alessandro (Another tertullian of The Bar)”.

Christopher Soria said he did not have any type of relationship with Tomás Roncero and Juanma Rodriguez, two panelists of Real Madrid in ‘El Chiringuito’, it’s only “hey how about and already, for me, are the people who are there, nothing more.”

ACCIDENT SUFFERED: “It was a massive scare, I took a week with the noise of the accident because when I fall of a crane, cars pass close to me and never takes me to one of miracle because it was not my day, thank God, but I’m already better, that stage has already passed”.

WHAT TEAM IS JOSEP PEDREROL?: “Everyone knows what team is my uncle, he is always sitting at the right hand side of your ‘Florentineza’, is a viking total (Real Madrid)”.