Chrysalis Tribute to Nick Drake

Endless Colorful Ways – Nick Drake Songs tribute to nick drake born of an idea of cali calomonManager of the Nick Drake Estate, E jeremy lascalesCo-founder of Blue Raincoat Music and CEO of Chrysalis Records.

A project that sees the participation of great artists Fontaines DC, let’s eat grandma, John Grant, self respect, Emily Sande, guy garvey, Feist, John Grant, liz faire, david gray, Aurora And everyone else involved in the tribute to the famous English musician.

In addition to the CD and double vinyl edition coming July 7, 2023, Chrysalis will release a series of very limited 7″ singles with a selection of the reinterpretations featured on the disc. The first single will feature the reinterpretation of cello song Did Fontaines DC And since morning pair’s let’s eat grandma, (editorial team)

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