Chuquisaka’s IRA and covid-19 cases continue to drop

Education work resumed this week.

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In Chuquisaka, cases of acute respiratory infections (ARIs) and covid-19 rates have both declined following the return to school this week.

César Ríos, head of epidemiology at headquarters, reported on Tuesday: “We have been reducing cases of acute respiratory infections, with or without pneumonia, but to date the cumulative number of cases worldwide has surpassed 9,000. “In ARDs without pneumonia it was 2 percent and in ARDs with pneumonia it was 1 percent,” he explained.

To avoid these numbers increasing during the return to school period, headquarters recommends that junior children be vaccinated against diseases typical of their age.

“With regards to the coronavirus, we’ve come down significantly, we’re at 0.6 now,” Rios said of the incidence rate that must be below 1.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to keep the outbreak under control.

Until yesterday Tuesday, San Pedro Claver Hospital had two coronavirus patients. According to reports, they have not yet received a complete vaccination schedule.

Regarding the current symptoms of covid-19, Rios said that these symptoms are lower respiratory problems, “therefore suspected cases of pneumonia”, and in less severe cases, they can be confused with flu or cold.

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