Ciak Junior, 31st episode on Canale 5

Every year it’s Ciak Junior – Cinema created by children, engages young artists aged 12 to 16 who are introduced to the language of audiovisual materials and do so by making and participating in short films. An international television project essentially involves the creation of short films written by students, each about 10 minutes long, and broadcast by television networks in the country of origin of the short film and the students who made it. . All stories are collected by country, from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6, and each of these short films is not only produced by the National Television Network, but also broadcast by other participating countries. Today, Ciak Junior includes, in addition to Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and other countries.

Ciak Junior – Cinema created by children

Over 30 episodes, more than 250 films were made on various topics, many of which are dedicated to the world of children, their dreams and hopes. Although each country has its own production, there are international guidelines that need to be followed, and the strength of this project lies in the interaction between young people and professionals in the audiovisual sector and the comparison between them. Following the results of the project, an awards ceremony is held every year with prizes for best film, best story, best actor and many others. In addition, whoever wins the National Ciak Junior Award has the opportunity to participate in the International Ciak Junior Award, which is awarded by a jury of three children representing each country, while a panel created specifically by UNESCO selects the film. this most reflects the ideals promoted by the organization that awarded her the CICT/FELLINI Medal. For more information about the rules you can visit

The 31st episode of Ciak Junior is broadcast on Canale 5 every Sunday.

In Italy, Ciak Junior is also the name of a television program in which every year 4 films produced by Italian schools are broadcast and a special episode filmed during the festival days. The 31st episode will be broadcast in four broadcasts on Sundays at 8.45 on Canale 5, starting on August 6. At the first reception it was on air Transparent is a color, a short film made by IC film group students Marco Emilio Lepido from Reggio Emilia. The story centers on a bossy bully who believes he has gained control of his entire school and assigns roles to his classmates with the help of his magic hat. But he didn’t take into account that two girls, tired of this situation, decide to rebel and manage to steal the magic hat, thereby putting their school bully in a crisis.

The children who take part in the filming of short films are looked after, and brothers Sergio and Francesco Manfio de manage and collaborate with middle and high school students. Someproject creators who oversee and executive produce Italian films, participating in all stages of the creation of a short film, from writing the story to filming and acting, allowing young people to experience the world of audiovisual materials. and maybe get passionate about it and become the future directors or actors of tomorrow.

Ciak Junior – Cinema created by children took place in Jesolo on May 26 and 27, 2023, and the television program, broadcast on Channel 5, will be broadcast from Sunday, August 6, and will continue with three more meetings until August 27, with short films made by Italian students broadcast each week.

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