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Hundred fires– Community application of the Cuban pneumococcal vaccine for children aged 1 to 5 began in polyclinics and day care centers in major cities and expanded throughout the province with the help of Science and the Finley Vaccine Institute.

Its director-general, Vincent Velez Benomo, a labor hero of the Republic of Cuba and one of the vaccine developers, also participated in the commemoration of the 66th anniversary of the heroic deeds on September 5. He accepted a brief interview with our reporter. .

The scientist, full of love, said: “Cienfuegos is like a second city for the Finley Institute, which has been conducting all its testing here for more than a decade.

“Yeah, doing everything here, actually, even at one point we thought about having the Finley Institute headquarters here in Cienfuegos.”

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The Cuban scientist recalled that about five years ago, after clinical trials of the pneumococcal vaccine, they were authorized to vaccinate children between the ages of one and five in the province, noting: “The health impact is very high, the baby has grown “.

It also mentions that “two years ago, on 5 September of the same year, we launched here with the Monarch a mass pediatric vaccination campaign against COVID-19”.

Dr. Mercedes Fonseca, respiratory specialist at Paquito González Cueto Pediatric University Hospital, emphasizes the importance of the pneumococcal vaccine for our children “because it protects them from the most common cause of pneumonia, otitis media”. The media and meningoencephalitis”.

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