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To answer a call Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy he gave up the life of the crew. This was announced by his co-star Emily Blunt, who will also star in the upcoming film. Christopher Nolan. In an interview with People the actress compares the atmosphere on set to that of a “summer camp” when the entire cast was staying at a hotel in New Mexico. Try to imagine what the social life of Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon and Cillian Murphy, just to name a few. “Matt and I were roommates, and we often said to each other: let’s have dinner,” says Emily Blunt. One of the film’s stars was missing: Cillian Murphy, the lead actor who played Robert Oppenheimer, the American physicist who invented the automatic bomb at the height of World War II.

For Cillian Murphy, this is a particularly challenging role, playing a great historical figure in a very ambitious film surrounded by top-notch Hollywood stars. For him, known to the general public primarily for the role of Thomas Shelby, the protagonist of the series sharp peaks, this is the first role of great importance in the cinema. Therefore, the actor chose to forego several evenings with the rest of the film crew in order to better focus on work. “He was facing a major test and it was normal that he chose not to dine with us,” said Emily Blunt. People. Matt Damon, accustomed to challenges of this magnitude, shares his point of view: “He couldn’t. It was too tight in my head.” The main stakeholder admits that they felt that “this big role and the responsibility that comes with it (…) was a bit overwhelming.”

Sixth collaboration

Last May, Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy spoke Entertainment Weekly the strong sense of responsibility they felt towards this film. The pressure was already felt from reading the script, written in the first person singular. “I have never read a script written in the first person,” the actor explained. “It took me a minute, maybe a little more, to figure it out. But then it became clear that this should be completely subjective, that everything needs to be seen through the eyes of the character. This, if possible, further increased the pressure I felt on myself. Once on the set, the challenge took on a different dimension when talking with colleagues: “Every day (…) those phenomenal actors that I have always admired came. And so every day I had to try to improve my game in order to work with these legends. All of them were incredibly prepared. Each of them, regardless of the significance of the role he played or the importance of his character in the story, showed that he knows the subject very well and can easily draw on it.

However, Murphy’s sheer seriousness and focus didn’t stop the cast from having fun together after filming ended and the film’s promotional period began, as evidenced by an Instagram post posted by Robert Downey Jr.

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Oppenheimer marks the sixth collaboration between Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan, who has already directed him in three films in the saga of Batman (“Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”). AND Rise of the dark knight), Origin AND Dunkirk. Their new joint film will be released in Italian cinemas on August 23rd.

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