Cimyn case: Prosecution awaits coroner’s opinion to take action

The investigation into the death of 9-year-old Abigail Lucero has progressed this week. This is the little girl who died at the Cimyn nursing home on July 11 after receiving medical assistance twice before. His parents reported alleged neglect.

In view of this, the parents of the deceased reported the case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a search was carried out at the Capital Health Center on the same day. In this case, they seized disparate materials such as nursing books, DVR video (containing footage from security cameras), diskettes containing information on numerous patient care records and medical records.

In this context, on July 31, the case made further progress, and Dr. Vazquez, the forensic doctor of the Procuratorate, obtained some materials for investigation. They then interviewed another coroner, who must now rule on the details of Abigail’s death. Although he was known to have pneumonia, he later went into cardiopulmonary arrest.

The prosecutor currently in charge of the investigation, Mariano Carrera, told the Daily Style that after interviewing the coroner, they were awaiting his opinion to make a decision. “We have provided everything we need to complete this opinion. It is a very technical task and the case is very sensitive,” the UFI Special Crimes Prosecutor added.

“With the autopsy, he will arrive at an opinion that will give details of how the death occurred,” Carrera stressed. So, based on this result, they can take further steps.

They don’t rule out malfeasance, but they don’t take it for granted either. That’s why still no one has been charged in connection with this tragic death. “We’ll see how we act,” Carrera said.

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