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Cinderella: Billy Porter and Camila Cabello discuss magic and heels in the first clip

The Cinderella movie with Camila Cabello is getting closer and closer to its release date and there are many exciting moments that we have observed thanks to the trailers. This fantasy film directed by Key Cannon is intended to put a fresh spin on the classic maid tale and the trailers show us just how modern it is. Through social networks comes this afternoon a new clip starring Hair and Billy Porter, a fun interaction between Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother.

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Fans of the “Havana” interpreter have been waiting for a long time for the premiere of Cinderella, a film that suffered several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the past we have already seen some adaptations of the story, however, this version aims to bring the story to the 21st century, and it will not be without current ideas and some phrases that have been viralized in networks to the point of being memes. In the new trailer, the Fairy Godmother gives Cinderella her dress and she reacts euphoric, you can see it below:

Billy Porter pronounces loud and loud “Yaaas, future queen, yaaas!”, A variation of the popular internet phrase “Yaaas, queen” that is regularly used to celebrate empowered or winning women. The adition of Porter The cast was well received by Twitter and fans are still delighted with the style that Cannon gave the character. At first some fans were upset because they believed that Cinderella would not be given a proper dress for the ball; remember that in previous weeks some images of the protagonist circulated in a business woman’s suit that she did not like at all. The new clip confirms the presence of the dress and the crystal slippers, the latter quite uncomfortable as are the heels in general.

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The new Cinderella movie features a script written by James Corden, and in addition to Camila and Bill porter we will see Nicholas galitzine (Prince Robert), Minnie Driver (Queen Beatrix), Maddie Baillio (Anastasia), Charlotte spencer (Drizella), and more. In social networks, the mood for the film is at the top, especially among the followers of Camila, who can’t wait to see her turned into the famous Cinderella. That the starring role is in the hands of such a renowned singer will surely do Sony well.

But the film also has its significant number of detractors on social networks, who perceive something uncomfortable in the phrases. Comments on the video on Prime Video’s official Twitter account are divided, with some encouraging the work of Hair and Porter, and others defending the legacy of the classic versions. The only certainty is that you can never please everyone.

Streaming has become the escape route for pandemic entertainment. Movie theaters and big premieres suffered the low blow of the disease, yet the platforms work wonders from home and families can enjoy the launch in the comfort of their homes. Netflix, Prime Video or Disney Plus catalogs work to keep the small screen business going, but some don’t give up hope of seeing the theatrical experience renewed.

Although 2020 and 2021 have not been good years for cinema, Cinderella It seems to have a bright future on the Prime Video platform. The story is always a certainty of success among the public, and more so with the incredible cast that makes up the new adaptation. It will be available from September 3.

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