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Cinderella, with Camila Cabello, presents her teaser trailer

Attention Camila Cabello fans, after a long wait we finally have the teaser trailer for Cinderella, a musical film in which she takes the starring role. For a long time there was a lot of talk about this project, however, things got difficult due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, the followers of the beautiful singer can now enjoy an exciting new preview that gives us a taste of the magical tale that awaits us.

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Through their social networks, Camila Cabello and Amazon Prime Video share the new teaser, material that lasts just 30 seconds but is enough to reveal the charm of this new version of Cinderella, a story that has accompanied culture pop for a long time. The trailer brings the viewer closer to the magical world of Ella, a seamstress girl who is dedicated to making beautiful dresses, but when a dance in honor of the prince is announced she also dreams of going like everyone else in the kingdom.

The new Cinderella movie promises to be a modern take on the classic tale with groundbreaking songs and subversive characters. The trailer includes music, dance and the wonder of the story that we all know. You can watch it below. It premieres on Prime Video on September 3.

In previous years we have already had many versions of Cinderella, but the new one with Camila It is a gift for fans of the character and music lovers, for the first time played by a Latin girl. Thanks to the images released today we can see that it is a proposal full of joy and color, especially dedicated to those who like the stories of a lifetime with modern reinterpretations.

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Camila Cabello began his musical career in X-Factor, a program that led to the birth of Fifth Harmony, a musical group made up of Dinah jane, Ally brooke, Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei and own Camila in 2012. For 2016, Cabello announces his departure from the group and quickly caused scandal and disappointment in the fandom; Although there is no specific reason for the Cuban’s decision, it has been commented that it was due to the conflicts that arose in the group after launching their duet with Shawn mendes “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” It was clear that the singer had a much bigger dream, that of being a soloist.

For 2017, Camila releases his single “Havana”, included in his debut album. The song was a complete success around the world, occupying the top positions of the charts and being heard on all radio stations, on viral video trends and in every corner in general. For 2018 it is announced as the best-selling song of the year with 19 million copies among the public, in addition, the official video on YouTube has accumulated 978 billion views so far, an impressive number even by the standards of the platform. Those were excellent times for the singer.

But Camila Cabello much better times still await. This 2021 will arrive Cinderella into the streaming world and promises to be a big hit this fall. Will the presence of the singer be enough to give Prime Video good numbers? A great new music movie is close to a social media boom, and the outlook is pretty good. It is a film directed by Kay cannnon and, in addition to Camila, it features performances by Idina Menzel, Billy Porter and Nicholas Galitzine.

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