Cindy (Koh Lanta) assume the defense of Inés and her bikini cut


It is one thing that has characterized, in the season of Koh-Lanta, The island of heroes. Dressed cut in a bikini top perfectly, Ines triggered an avalanche of comments in social networks, between admiration and disapproval. Today, Cindy is stealing, a former finalist of the show, to help him.

Aired on Friday, may 21. February, the last season Koh-Lantawith the title The island of the heroes, not to tow, and a lot of UPS and downs. But this new adventure is especially honored by the participation of a young nurse toulouse twenty-five years old, Inès Loucif. This last is shown in the fact that slotted in a bikini a very beautiful effectwhereby the reactions, the passion of many users, fans of the show. A controversy was thus born. The candidate was writing stirred on Instagram :” However, it is important to relax, it is a pair of buttocks, the boys, one is going to calm down. I have the impression that it is just me, a pair of buttocks. “The producer of the show, Alexia Laroche-Joubert had also made a statement in the columns, slotted on the Paris, récusant the allegations of sexism highlighted by a report of the High Council for equality between men and women. Cindy, one of the finalists Koh-Lanta : the war of the chefson this episode, and in the defense of his young comrades.

“It is very anecdotal “

Married since the 14th of February in the Thomas and mother of a little Alba, the milf is back on his adventure in the columns Tele-Leisure. This was a treat, among other things, to have “cagole” made the sun topless, admits today :” It is true that when I think of this little blonde with the southern accent, lost in the middle of the forest, it can smile, but if you can see my development in the adventure, present a very different picture. The production has told my story. Instead of bullying me, I like it and I play. “And when you powered it on for the latest buzz by the po of Ines, Cindy, prefer to relativize the matter :” Between us Ines has a very nice body and beautiful butt, so it’s all to use to his advantage. It has, in fact, a buzz I think it is a hit on social networks I think this is very anecdotal. I think Ines is good in his body, and she’s right. I wouldn’t have the same body that Inès, I’ll take me, such a Jersey. “Well, that’s said!!!