Cindy (Koh Lanta) : she reacts and expresses his opinion about the bikini top from Ines


Who said that women are the plague, which between them ? Certainly not Cindy Poumeyrol defended with teeth and Ines-mouth, the new candidate Koh Lanta 2020. Other strong head-the issue of survival, Cindy was appeared in the output Koh Lanta, the war of the heads 2019. Total fan of the candidate Ines, Cindy held, for the defence of the young woman as “sexy” by some. Inès Loucif also the enthusiasm was, if to be displayed in the string on the island in the case of an audit. The amg colleagues Tv Entertainmentthe mother of Alba declared : “Between us Ines has a very nice body and beautiful butt, so it’s all to use to his advantage. It has, in fact, a buzz I think it is a hit in the social networks and I, it is very anecdotal. I think Ines is good in his body, and she’s right. I wouldn’t have the same body that Inès, I’ll take me, such a Jersey.

Victims of gossip, by a different applicant, the treat during his participation in the year 2019, Cindy’s not at all a “cagole“of Angelica. This applicant had at the time, it is extremely rude and vulgar, that Cindy makes sunbathing Topless on the beach. Amused, the wife of Thomas recalls his participation Koh Lanta with nostalgia and says : “It is true that when I think of this little blonde with the southern accent, lost in the middle of the forest, it can smile, but if you can see my development in the adventure, present a very different picture. The production has told my story. Instead of bullying me, I like it and I play.“A very nice contrast to Cindy, who was also runner-up of the show is completed. Not bad for a so-called “cagole“is it not ?