Cinema Cinema investigates sexual harassment

Review “Cinema” begins to end with the last two meetings. Today. Tuesday 22 August. it depends on the movie “Me Too” by Maria Schroeder: produced Brad Pitta drama about the strength of two brave women who helped give birth MeToo movement. It follows New York Times reporters Megan Twoey (Carey Mulligan, two-time Oscar nominee) and Jody Kantor (Zoë Kazan) of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein. A work that not only shed light on the now-former film producer’s crime scandal, but also broke the silence on the sensitive issue of sexual assault in Hollywood, launching the Metoo movement around the world. This is not a film about Harvey Weinstein, but about the women, from two journalists to survivors, who together stopped him. It is based on the New York Times bestseller She Said, in which women journalists put years of harassment and abuse, cover-ups and threats on paper.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 23 August, the review will conclude with a meeting onAsti International Film Festival: preview “Fantasy World” by Michele Rovini, also an author from Diego Ribon. This is a light comedy set in Genoa, centered on a casual and belated friendship that leaves an indelible mark. “Tomorrow’s show is a ‘return to the festival’,” emphasizes Riccardo Costa, president of the Vertigo Club. — When it hadn’t been released yet, in December last year, the film was presented at the festival and was awarded for the best male role: Andrea. Bruschi and Diego Ribon ex aequo. Today, thanks to participation in festivals and the awards received, “Fantastic World” has a distribution: the director decided to return to Asti. “Cinema Cinema” review organized by the Municipality of Asti, Circolo Vertigo and Cine Circolo Don Bosco: screenings at 17:30 at Sala Pastrone, at 21:45 at Cascina del Racconto on Via Bonzanigo (tickets 5.50 euros, 4 discounted).

Meanwhile Pastrone room is preparing to resume its premiere program: from Thursday, the 24th, they will show the film “Oppenheimer» writer, director and co-producer Christopher Nolan.

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