Cinema: Come and discover films in cinemas from September 14th.

This week you can’t help but go to the cinema. In fact, the offer is wide and can satisfy every taste. Where to begin? From the murder mystery Murder in Venice, inspired by Agatha Christie’s Poirot and the Massacre of the Innocents, directed by Kenneth Branagh. This is followed by Amber Heard’s return to cinema with the film On Fire and a very tender story called My Friend Storm with Melanie Laurent. Naturally, there is no shortage of films from different sections of the recently concluded 80th Venice Film Festival: from The Zola Experience to The Invention of Snow, as well as Endless Sunday, which received the Orizzonti Special Jury Prize.

We also recommend Abba: The Movie – Fan Event, a film event you can attend from September 18th to 20th with a themed dress code.

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Murder in Venice

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Cast: Kenneth Branagh, Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Jude Hill, Ali Khan, Emma Laird, Kelly Reilly, Riccardo Scamarcio, Michelle Yeoh

Distribution: Walt Disney Company Italy.

Plot: We are in the post-war period, in troubled Venice. It’s All Hallow’s Eve and a terrifying mystery surrounds the return of famed detective Hercule Poirot. Now retired and in self-imposed exile in the world’s most enchanting city, Poirot reluctantly attends a séance in a decadent ghostly palace. When one of the guests is killed, the detective finds himself in an ominous world of shadows and secrets.

On fire

Director: Conor Allyn

Cast: Amber Heard, Eduardo Noriega, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini, Luca Calvani

Distributed by RS Productions in association with Mirari Vos.

Plot: In the late 1800s, Grace is an American psychiatrist who is called to a wealthy farm in Columbia to solve the case of a sick child. She was contacted by her mother, also concerned about the increasingly persistent accusations from the local priest and farmers (plagued by mysterious untoward events) that the child was the devil. When the doctor arrives, she discovers that the boy’s mother has died and that the father himself has begun to believe in the possible possession of the child. As a woman attempts to psychoanalyze a very young patient, nefarious events escalate and her “treatment” becomes a race to save the little one from the wrath of her fellow citizens and perhaps even herself.

My friend Storm

Director: Christian Duguay

Cast: Mélanie Laurent, Pio Marmai, Carmen Kassovitz, Casey Mottet Klein, Atmen Kelif

Distributed by: Eagle Pictures

Plot: Zoya was born in her parents’ stable and grew up surrounded by horses, so her dream was always to become a jockey. Tempesta, the filly he has known since birth, becomes his alter ego. But one stormy night, Storm attacks Zoe in a panic and crushes her dreams. Against all odds, Zoya gets back on her feet and tries to do the impossible to reunite with her destiny.

Zola’s experience

Director: Gianluca Matarrese

Cast: Anne Barbeau, Benoit Dallongeville, Jean-Christophe Laurier, Agathe Peyrard.

Distribution: Luce Cinecitta

Plot: Anne is a theater director who has separated from her husband and is moving away. By now she feels boring and lacking desires, but one day she meets Ben, a helpful neighbor and an unscripted actor. He looks at her with passionate eyes, she never wants to be tied to a man again. However, when he decides to stage Zassommoire by Zola, he offers him the role of Coupeau, reserving the role of Gervaise. As the story progresses, the line between real life and theatrical performance becomes increasingly blurred.

Invention of snow

Director: Vittorio Moroni

Cast: Elena Gigliotti, Alessandro Averone, Anna Ferruzzo, Anna Bellato, Eleonora De Luca, Carola Stagnaro

Distributed by: I Wonder Pictures in collaboration with Unipol Biografilm Collection.

Plot: Carmen loves too much, and the world does not forgive her for this. She and Massimo broke up, but Carmen continues to consider him the man of her life. They had a daughter named Jada, who is now 5 years old. The woman adores her, but the child was entrusted to the father. She is allowed to see her once every two weeks, but Carmen does not agree: she knows that she has made mistakes, but also that she is a good mother and will not allow what happened to her as a child to happen again. If the world wants to destroy her, she will change the world.

Endless Sunday

Director: Alain Parroni

Cast: Enrico Bassetti, Zachary Delmas, Federica Valentini, Lars Rudolph

Distribution: Fandango

Plot: Brenda is pregnant. Alex just turned 19 and is about to become a father. Kevin fills the city with his name. Everyone is trying to leave their mark on the world. Always connected to each other, they wander between the coastal area and the eternal city, trying in their own way to resist the inexorable onset of time and heat.

Fragments of a love journey

Director: Chloe Barrot

Cast: Anne Berest, Laurent Charles-Nicolas, Ariane Deboise, Marco Giuliani

Distributed by: I Wonder Pictures

Plot: A documentary in which the director talks about love through his exes. Since she was 16, she lived between Paris and Rome, Chloe? In fact, Barro filmed all his love stories. While he was in a relationship, was he already in one? Forming memories through filming, photography and writing. But every story has at least two points of view. What do your exes remember? Which? their version of events? The floor goes to Sebastien, Jeanne, Laurent, Ariana, Rebecca, Anna, Jean-Philippe, Anna, Bianca, Marina, Marco, Caroline. Intimate testimonies and personal images mix to reveal universal ways of feeling love.


Director: Simone Bozzelli

Cast: Andrea Fuorto, Augusto Mario Russi, Elettra Dallimore Mallaby, Alexandre Benigni

Dissemination: Spreading the Vision

Plot: Yuri is twenty years old and lives a subdued life with his elderly aunt in a small town in Abruzzo that is his entire world. At a birthday party, he meets Agostino, a traveling entertainer and children’s charmer, who promises him the independence Yuri never knew he had. Dreaming of the freedom of Patagonia, the two embark on a journey of self-determination that will turn into a frenzy of control and imprisonment.

Mom, I’m in charge here

Director: Federico Moccia

Cast: Daniela Virgilio, Simone Montedoro, Maurizio Mattioli, Corinne Clery, Alessio Di Domenicantonio

Distributed by RS Productions in association with Mirari Vos.

Plot: Filippo and Michela are about to break up. The parents of Francesco, a nine-year-old boy, are fighting in court over their home and son. Thus, the judge suddenly decides to give the house to the couple’s child and stipulates that the mother and father will take turns in the house every Monday. The verdict, however, is preliminary: using the supervision of a social worker, the judge will decide in six months who to entrust the child with at home. Francesco interprets this proposal in his own way and, consoled by a group of friends, convinces himself that he is the Master of the house, causing daring situations.

My poems won’t change the world

Director: Annalena Benini and Francesco Piccolo

Distribution: Fandango

Plot: A documentary film that gives us an intimate, ironic and free portrait of Patricia Cavalli. Elsa Morante’s favorite poet personifies the pop modernity of modern Italian poetry, love of words and performance.


Director: Kaisa Naess

Voices: Jan Gunnar Roise, Kåre Conrady, Ann Marit Jacobsen, John F. Brungot

Distribution: Kim’s Distribution

Plot: Italian aeronautical engineer Umberto Nobile lives with his family and beloved dog Titina. One day he receives a call from the famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, asking him to design an airship that will take them on the first human expedition to the North Pole. Having completed the design and impressive construction of the aircraft, Nobile sets out with Amundsen and Titina to discover one of the most remote places on the planet. A journey awaits them to the edge of the world and imagination.

Big Dipper

Director: Philippe Garrel

Cast: Lena Garrel, Esther Garrel, Francine Berger, Louis Garrel, Damien Mongin

Distribution: Altri Storie, Minerva Pictures Group.

Plot: A family of puppeteers tries to preserve the family artistic tradition after the sudden death of their father during a performance.

Like a dog

Director: Josh Greenbaum

Original voices: Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, Kendall Park.

Distribution: Lucky Red

Plot: Reggie is a border terrier who was abandoned on the streets of the city by his owner Doug. the dog, an innocent creature, thinks that the person did not do this on purpose, but thanks to the meeting with the lost Beetle, he will understand that this is really so. Therefore, he decides to team up with other dogs to take revenge.

Abba: The Movie – Fan Event (September 18th to 20th)

Starring Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad.

Distribution: Nexo Digital

Plot: An extraordinary, immersive sing-along spectacle made for cinemas, featuring a remastered version of the 1977 film directed by Oscar nominee Lasse Hallström, plus a host of extras, including special behind-the-scenes footage of the phenomenal and groundbreaking London show. ABBA Voyage, a short video preview of the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, videos of the most famous songs with subtitles, extremely rare footage from the 1977 tour.

Mes petites amoureuses – My first little love (from September 18)

Director: Jean Estache

Cast: Martin Loeb, Ingrid Caven, Jacqueline Dufranne, Jacques Romain

Distribution: I Wonder Pictures/I Wonder Classics

Plot: The story of Daniel and the summer spent between his grandmother’s hometown, where he has friends and the carefree nature of the countryside, and the city where his mother has re-settled with his stepfather, who wants to send him to work instead of forcing him to study. For Daniel, this will be a summer of discovery, growth and many new things, including small loves, disappointments, family discord, cinephilic passions, escapes into fantasy and abstraction.

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