Cinema: Famous movies based on video games

Engaging storylines, increasingly realistic graphics and engaging dialogues. Video games are now so advanced that they almost look like movies, borrowing the style and writing to offer players playful experiences that don’t stop at just the playful activity but that take them through a three hundred and sixty-degree adventure. They have become so sophisticated that the world of cinema itself has brought the most famous and fascinating stories of gaming to the big screen. On the other hand, the link between gaming and cinema has always existed. Think, for example, of famous films such as “The Christmas Gift” by Pupi Avati, “The Player” with Matt Damon or “Casino Royale” with Daniel Craig as James Bond, but also think of the slot machines inspired by the great screen. Those who know the digital slot machines sector and know how to get free spins for slots without a deposit, also know that the panorama of slots is particularly vast, just like that of the more general world of video games, from browser games to those for consoles and PCs . Let’s see, therefore, what are the films, successful or not, taken from video games of a certain fame.

Mortal Kombat

Made in a first version in 1995, in 2021 an attempt was made again to bring this legendary game to the big screen. The result was not as hoped but the potential to create a saga is there, and how.


Movie of 2016, with great graphics but with a plot that is not without flaws. A film that is certainly not unforgettable but remains enjoyable for everyone.

Tomb Rider

The first came out in 2001 and launched Angelina Jolie into the world of Hollywood, maturing her into a good director. And it was a success. Then they tried again in 2003 and the saga continued to fascinate fans. Then in 2018 the last chapter, this time with Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, but less of an archaeologist and more of a superhero. A choice that she decidedly did not pay.

Resident Evil

Seven films, four animated films and two TV series. Resident Evil is the longest-running video game franchise of all. A success on the big and small screen that has fascinated the world for twenty years. Choosing to give the lead role to Milla Jovovich as Alice was a perfect choice.

silent Hill

Definitely, and unanimously recognized, the best film based on a video game, Silent Hill by Christophe Gans is a re-adaptation of the Konami game. It does not faithfully follow the plot but takes full advantage of the atmosphere and setting of the first series of the game. A linear and well-written script then did the rest by dragging the audience into a scary, tense and disturbing world.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

It was by no means easy to make a film about Pokémon but the 2019 film convinced all the critics. Naturally, the film is based on the chapter of the same name in the saga, made with irony and sagacity, mixing a crime story and comedy. On the other hand, Pokemon was a great success, both on mobile devices and in its merchandising, but the filmmakers were able to capture the spirit of the characters and offer an enjoyable and light product.

Sonic – The Movie

In 2020, thirty years after the game’s release, Sonic ended up on the big screen. A game that has made the history of gaming and for this very reason has created many expectations among fans. The fiercest critics were quick to pan the film, especially for the initial lack of resemblance between the game character and the film character. Instead, the film surprised everyone with a good plot, certainly not very original, but well written and compelling, with a good dose of irony.

Angry Birds – The Movie

The success on our smartphones has been global. Bringing that success to the cinema would not have been easy to achieve. And what could only have been thought of as a mega commercial operation has instead become a success, thanks to a very funny film, with successful gags and characters created with great irony that have conquered audiences of all ages.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

The video game saga was among the most engaging, prolific, followed and loved by all gamers in the world. And so already in 2001 Square Studios, thanks to the direction of Hironobu Sakaguchi and Moto Sakakibara, made a film inspired by the legendary fantasy series. To meet the taste of the mainstream audience, it was decided to make a film more oriented towards classic sci-fi but with top-level graphic animation. A result that convinced the critics but not the public, which didn’t fill the theaters as one might think. Costing $137 million, Final Fantasy only grossed $85 million. A sensational flop that bankrupted Square Pictures.

Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time

An aesthetic masterpiece. All the rest is less beautiful. The game that has enthralled millions of players since the 1980s is still a movie that divides audiences today. One part loves it, because it actually takes up the settings, music and story of the legendary Ubisoft game, embellished with perfect photography and a very detailed scenographic and costume choice. The other side hates it. Not so much for the interpretation of the actors, Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead, all in all good and well done. But precisely because of the sometimes superficial direction and with the shooting, and above all the editing, done very badly. In the end, the collection was good but today it is not an unforgettable film.

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