Cinema made in Italy will become an institutional table

The Ministry of Culture will have a table dedicated to the Made in Italy cinema.

After a dispute caused Pierfrancesco Favino in film ferrari “American style”, according to the Deputy Minister of Culture Lucia Borgonzoni What announced the opening of a discussion table in the Ministry, he answered right away Andrea Iervolino, CEO Ilbe and producer ferrari With Adam Driver in the role Drake.

“We are pleased that the institutions are participating in the debate, which began in Venice, about the presence of international actors in Italian films. We started a discussion on this issue with Pierfrancesco Favino, and we fully agree with the proposal put forward today. An important signal in favor of Made in Italy cinema with an emphasis on internationalization, in which I confirm the participation of our group.”

“In order to restart Italian cinema,” continues Iervolino, it is important to create a system, and the first step is to seat everyone at the table: Producers, actors and institutions will discuss how to make the Made in Italy industry central to the world. Italy is a scene full of talent, we just need to make it a recognizable star system. The recipe is to facilitate cooperation with international cinema.. Ilbe always told great Italian stories, commissioning great American actors and Italian talent to bring them to life. A model that takes on board what has already been viscounts, Bertolucci and other great Italians.

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