Cinema, movie news in cinemas. And “comfort” in the summer arenas, here are the best films scheduled for the weekend

“We Light Years” by Tiziano Russo

Elsa (Caroline Sala) is 17 years old. discovers by betrayal that I’m not invincible and that I have leukemia. A look at his life, dominated by sports and an exceptional relationship with his mother. In a hospital bed, he discovers that most of all at such an unexpectedly dramatic moment in his life it’s the father he never knew what he needed. But the mother doesn’t want to hear about it. So Elsa sets out to find this mysterious man, along with Edo (Rocco Fasano), a quirky boy she met in the hospital who is hiding a secret. We are facing a new chapter in the “youth and disease” trend, where the relationship between Elsa and Edo develops, accompanied by an evil that devours them piece by piece. The dynamics are fixed, but the move is pleasant, delicate. There are no turns, but the film does not slide into banality from which he stays away also thanks to the actors and the script, which is not obvious. In the midst of a Barbie binge, a boy could take advantage of the placebo effect of a story in which illness is part of life. And fighting is not enough.
Rating: 6.5. We are dealing with a light film that does not leave any special marks on the sand, but does not sink into banality either.

Venice: “Looking at Venice” by Simone Marchelli and “After the Sun” by Charlotte Wells.

In Venice, on July 30 at the Arsenal, the “Barch-in” kicks off, a film forum that can be enjoyed from a boat, curated by a cultural association. Cinema women. Shortly before 21:15 short film “Papageno” by Lotta Reiniger in collaboration with the Carlo Montanaro Archive, and at 21:15 the film “Looking at Venice”a documentary film by Simone Marchelli with Ottavia Piccolo and Carlo Montanaro, a film about the difficulties of preserving and sustaining the life of a city like Venice, which is in danger of dying every day. Once due to high water, now suffocated by perhaps even more risky over-tourism.. The next day always at 21.15 “After the Sun” by Charlotte Wells. Father and daughter together, but at first the sad and deeply lonely look of a woman at a disco, with a presence next to her that does not fill her space, does not warm her heart. How many eyes have stopped for more than a century of film life on the most tender and most fragile, the deepest and at the same time difficult connection, in which they love with their bare hands and often do not seem to understand each other. And yet, this Scottish director, in his mid-40s and thirties, manages to utter unexpected words with images., which plunge curious fingers into the heart and come out full of blood. Callum and Sophie are father and daughter, but they are also two fragile souls. Callum is at a resort where he takes his daughter for a short vacation, which marks a new period of separation between them. Because he, the father of a teenager, no longer lives in Scotland with her and her mother. Sophie becomes an adult when she presumably reaches the same age as Callum, when he clumsily takes care of her during that short break in their lives and inherits her weaknesses, a sad vision of a world that does not belong to her as before. do not belong to his father and to whom they do not belong. This movie has something unsaid.that go straight to the primitive core of emotions: the shame you feel growing inside when you stop being a child, the physical annoyance towards your parents combined with the search for approval that may not always come; and, on the other hand, the uncertainty of parents at any age that they have chosen the right path, that they have taken care of the right choice at the crossroads between good and bad parents. Wells has a light hand that caresses the viewer. And with which he can also give us a well-aimed slap in the face.
Rating: 8. This film was talked about as nostalgic. But it’s not a film of nostalgic junk, as some of the Ozon footage sometimes is. Here the colors are saturated, but skillfully alternate with distorted scenes. Like visions, memories we don’t want to remember.

“Everything and Everywhere at Once” by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (Daniels)

In Padua, Milković Park, at 21:15, the arena organized by Porto Astra offers Tuesday, August 1st. “Everything is everywhere and at once” Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (Daniels) There’s definitely something good about this Oscar-nominated film, which is why it’s returning to theaters and bringing the former prodigy back to the screen after years and geological ages. Ke Hai Quanthe one who supported Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and had a thousand tricks and inept inventions in “The Goonies” and it was for this role that he received an Oscar. The Amarcord effect, however, doesn’t last long, and the film is a dive into a future of images that is hopefully still a little far off. How to break out of a life of oppression in which tax control is about to blow up a poor laundromat for the overworked Michelle Yeoh, the victim of the sinister impudence of an IRS official (or whatever it is called in America), the fantastic Jamie Lee Curtis? How do you get away with a life that lets you down and pushes away a helpful husband and an evil daughter? The solution is the metaverse, or the multiverse, in short, immersion in the life of a video game with special effects, very fast paced, images such as exploding firecrackers, blinding headlights at night, disco lights.
Rating: 6.5. He won the Oscar and laid the foundation for what is changing the viewing experience in the cinema. Who knows what effect it will have in the hall, in the light of summer arenas.

“Dune” by Denis Villeneuve

In Marghera, in Piazza Mercato, on Friday the 28th at 21:00. “Dune” by Denis Villeneuve. Duke Paul Atreides knows how hard it can be to live in the world of the future. The dreams and visions that haunt him are the anxieties of all of us in the face of climate change, environmental disasters, natural disasters. For this “Dune” remake of David Lynch 1984, which over time became a cult film precisely because of its limitations, tells us mere mortals about the 1920s, destroyed by almost two years of the pandemic, much more than the previous one spoke about those who lived immersed in Reagan’s hedonism and in Milan drink. We are halfway between science fiction and fantasy.with all the right ingredients to please: two teen stars kids love – Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya – A desert setting reminiscent of the first Star Wars, thought provoking humor inspired by Josh Brolin. What is missing is the courage not to explain everything, to make worms poetic, or to make the hero’s journey epic. Here, perhaps, the hole lies in the hero. Too preoccupied with fixing the hair and not returning the predetermined pain. But the market wants it that way, and perhaps we will have a continuation.
Rating: 6.5. Because escapism is everywhere. And because Chalamet is too good. Looking forward to seeing him and Zendaya in the sequel filmed (also) in Veneto.

“Not So Close” by Mark Forster

In Verona on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 in the outdoor arena of the Fiume cinema at 21:15 “Not so close” by Mark Forster. Widowed, shrewd, obsessed with safety and neighborhoods, Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) isn’t exactly the perfect neighbor, but the arrival of the Marisol family, pregnant, with a husband and two little girls, it will change his point of view. This is not to say that this film is original or that Tom Hanks put any effort into this film, but still the vision is worth it, because this is an American comedybuilt on the talent of an actor who gave his best in other roles, but who, nevertheless, remains a portrait of the average American, in whom, perhaps, it is not difficult to recognize himself.
Rating: 6. Not very original, but why not for summer viewing?

“My Paper Girls” by Luca Luchini

“My Paper Girls” by Luca Luchini (in Treviso, Piazza Rinaldi, August 2, 21:15) You can’t miss this film in the Treviso arena, given that it was filmed there last winter. The plot is not original, but Andrew Pennacci always physically lowered into part e Neri Marcore which makes the 70s priest definitely one of a kind. It won’t be a masterpiece.but the Treviso area (and the Mollanese area) enjoys recognizing places that are a little disguised, with an atmosphere that looks “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

July 28, 2023

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