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With the announcement of the program “Authors’ Days” the picture is complemented by films, documentaries and short films, twenty-five in total, co-produced in various ways Cinema Paradise and distributed by 01 Distribution, which will be exhibiting at 80/MA. Venice International Film Festival. Starting from the opening film of the Festival, in the competition, in the official section, “Commander” director Edward DeAngelis. Cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Maximilian Rossi, Johan Heldenberg, Sylvia D’Amico.

Always in competition ‘At last dawn’ movie Xavier Costanzo With Lily James, Rebecca Antonachi, Joe Keery, Rachel Sennott, Alba Rohrwacher AND Willem Dafoein theaters Thursday, December 14; ‘Lubo’ movie George Wrights With Franz Rogowski, Christophe Sermet, Valentina Belle, Noemi Besedes, Cecilia Steiner, Joel Basman, Philip Graber, Maximilian Caprara will be released on Thursday, November 9; “I am the captain”director Matthew Garrone With Seydou Sarr, Mustafa Fallin theaters September 7; “Ferrari” From Michael Mann With Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Patrick Dempsey AND Jack O’Connell, Sarah Gadon, Gabriel Leone.

For “Out of competition – official selection”Rai Cinema is located on the Lido with ‘Castle’ From Roman Polanski With Oliver Masucci, Fanny Ardan, John Cleese, Bronwyn James, Joaquim de Almeida, Luke Barbareschi, Milan Peschel, Fortunato Cherlino AND Mickey Rourkein theaters Thursday, September 28; “A penitent is a reasonable person”Luca Barbareschi Film With Luca Barbareschi, Katherine McCormack, Adam James and with Adrian Lester; “Order of Time” director Liliana CavaniWith Alessandro Gasmann, Claudia Guerini, Edward Leo, Ksenia Rappoport, Richard Sammel, Valentina Deer, Fabrizio Rongione, Francesca Inaudi, Angelica Devi, Mariana Tamayo, Alida Baldari Calabria and with the participation Angela Molinawill be released on Thursday, August 31; ‘Love’ documentary about Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri With Odette Tunila, Laura Riccioli, Chiara Nasty Govorusich, Eleonora Kadira Govorushich, Pasa Govorusich; ‘Welcome to Paradise’short film Leonard DiCostanzo With Martha Cammy, Sofiane Bahari, Georgia Respelli, Luca Massari, Matthew Lawrence, Vincent Michelinie, John Rossi.

Three titles of Rai Cinema in the competition in the section ‘horizon’: “Endless Sunday” From Alain Parroni With Henry Bassetti, Zachary Delmas, Federica Valentini, Lars Rudolfin theaters Thursday, September 7; ‘El Paradise’ From Enrico Maria Artale With: Edward Fish, Margherita Rosa de Francisco Baquero, Mary Del Rosario, Barreto Escobar AND Gabriel Montesi; ‘Sem Korakao’ From Nara Normand and Tiao With Maya de Vic, Eduardo Samara, Maeve Jinkings, Erome Cordeiro, Jan Bochat, Kaike Brito, Alilson Emanuel, Lucas DaSilva, Elani Santos which will hit theaters next fall.

For “Additional Horizons”in the competition, the film “Happiness” directed by Michaela Ramazzotti With Max Tortora, Anna Galiena, Matthew OlivettiMichaela Ramazzotti and featuring Sergio Rubini, in theaters from Thursday 21 September. In chapter “Short Film Horizons – Competition” Rai Cinema present with ‘dive’short film Aldo Juliano With Veronika Lukyanenko, Daniel Kamensky which will soon be available on the Rai Cinema Channel online platform. For section ‘Special Event’ will be presented ‘naked voice’short film Mattias Lobosco With Geneva Francesconi, Louis Faithful, Andrea Delogu, Giulia Magrone AND Matthias Belardi in art Mr Rain, which will also be available soon on the Rai Cinema Channel online platform. For “College Film Biennale” co-production will be at Lido “Year of the Egg”movie Claudius Casale; For “Venetian Dive” “March Tales” short film VR (virtual reality) Stephen Casertano With Jens Weber, Dana Marbach, Andre Mannwhich will soon be available on the Rai Cinema Channel VR app.

“The oceans are the real continents” From Thomas Santambrogiowill be the opening film “Authors’ Days”. Cast: Alexander Diego, Edith Ibarra Clara, Frank Ernesto Lam, Alain Alain Alfonso Gonzalez, Milagros Llanes Martinez, Lola Amores, John Stephen Baldrich, Osvaldo Doimeadios, Joel Casanova. In theaters Thursday, August 31st.

In chapter ‘Venetian Nights’ three Rai Cinema co-productions: ‘by God’s grace’ director’s film Alexander Roya With Thomas Spider, Maya Sansa, Sergio Romano, Ahmed Hafien, Roberta Mattei, Aldo Ottobrino; “Ann”movie Marco Amenta With Rose auctions, Daniele Monachella, Marco Zucca; AND ‘Through’documentary Irene Dorigotti With Marco RezoagliIrene Dorigotti Grace Merlo and the voice of the narrator Fabio Bussotti. The special event of the 807th Venice Film Festival will be “Outpost” From Edoardo Morabito With Christopher Clark.

For “Week of Criticism” Italian short film – Pinoquo competition, short film Federico Dematte With Bark Marcaccio, Michael Baldi, Tommaso Angioletti, Nicholas Thomas Madron, Manuel twenty-five, Morgan Gariboldi, which will soon be available on the Rai Cinema Channel online platform. Finally, the final short film of Critic’s Week will be ’tilipirche’ From Francesco PirasWith Giuseppe the Hungarian AND Antonio Chessa, which will soon be available on the Rai Cinema Channel online platform. (Ros – Mohican)

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