cinema ticket for €3.50

return back party cinema: €3.50 special ticket in all cinemas for 5 days in June from Sunday 11 to Thursday 15

The second summer edition of “Cinema in Festa” is starting in June, an unmissable opportunity to watch movies at a special price in the cinema. The initiative is promoted in association with MIC David di Donatello – Academy of Italian Cinema,

“Cinema in celebration” is a project launched in 2022 and which will continue until 2026: every year, in June and September, for 5 days from Sunday to Thursday, tickets for all films will cost only €3.50. The second edition will start on Sunday 11 June and end on Thursday 15 June with the new releases of the week.

Inspired by the French “fête du cinema”, the project was born out of a collaboration between distributors and cinemas to guarantee Italian audiences a twelve-month movie season.

The first edition in September 2022 had a total of 1.15 million viewers and this year is part of the initiative “Cinema Revolution – What the summer shows”, the campaign supported by MiC that turns the summer of 2023 into an extraordinary season of films and promotions.


thriller / horror




Mindcage – Criminal Mind

prison 77

italian cinema

shark tooth


all dogs die on their own

the suitcase is on the bed again

After the daring misadventure in “The Suitcase on the Bed,” the scrappy band of anti-heroes composed of Eduardo Tartaglia, Veronica Mazza, Biagio Izzo, Maurizio Casagrande and Francesco Procopio returns to cinema with a sequel that sees extraordinary participation. Mariano Rigillo’s,


peter von kant

Independently based on Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant”, the film follows a famous and successful director who lives with Karl, his assistant who loves to misbehave and insult. Thanks to the great actress Sidonie, Peter meets and falls in love with Amir, a handsome young man with few resources. She hosts him in her apartment and helps him make his debut in the world of cinema. Aamir becomes a star after a few months. But as soon as he becomes famous, Amir walks away, leaving Peter alone to face himself.,

spoiler ALERT


breath of the woods

20,000 Buddhist nuns live in a monastery on an icy plateau in Tibet. Surrounded by the rugged nature and isolated from the outside world, these women give us a taste of their research on the great questions of existence through religion. During the coldest 100 days of the year, they learn about the fundamental issues of life and death, suffering and healing, karma and consequences. A work that combines visual splendor and spirituality, “The Breath of the Forest” is an exploration of the daily but mystical lives of women devoted to their faith. Jin Huaqing’s film is an eye-opening work of faith and philosophical inquiry, set in a forbidding and beautiful landscape.

Olga – Running for the Olympics

to be and to be

France, Auvergne, Puy le Dôme department. The area is so isolated that there remains the institution of “single classes”, where children whose ages cover the entire primary school cycle meet. Documentary master Nicolas Philibert portrays a teacher nearing retirement who follows all of his pupils, trying to instill in them, in addition to a little common sense, some moral and civic teaching, from mutual respect to the uselessness of violence. . To be and to be represents the unusual case of a documentary that became an unexpected blockbuster in France, winner of the César Award and Best Documentary at the European Film Awards in 2002.

Comedy / Family Movies

Blue and Flippy – Friends for the Finns


Toto Le Heros – the hero of the end of the millennium

Humble Society – Operation Vivah


action movie


Transformers – Awakening

Spider-Man – Across the Universe

fast and furious 10

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