Cinthia Fernández’s surprise moves her daughters to tears

Cynthia Fernandez She traveled with her children to an impressive water park in Latin America and surprised them with a special gift.

The group members are Good morning (Thirteen, nine o’clock) Fly to Brazilian land He shared a touching video in Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará state.

Cynthia revealed to Francesca, Bella and Charisse, the three daughters of her and Matias De Federico, who would be the fifth member of the holiday, which moved them to tears.

“Mom was surprised! Are you ready to cry?unforgettable momentsshe wrote to the media at the beginning of the post she shared with her nearly six million followers.

He explained, without abandoning the mysterious tone: “I told them we had to sign something in the room, I asked them to go up and then Look whose stuffed toy this is. “

Then, after revealing that the little girls will be reunited with their former nanny, Cynthia added: “He left us a year ago with them they missed a lot They cried a lot.and I came up with the idea of ​​inviting her Spend the holidays with us. “

Cinthia Fernández’s post shows a special surprise for her daughters.

Cinthia Fernández’s daughters’ emotions when they see their former nanny

In a brief but emotional video that lasts 1 minute and 12 seconds, Cinthia Fernández showed on her Instagram the exact moment her daughters met their former nanny.

“That’s Carmen’s stuffed animal.”she said when one of the little girls noticed a toy dog ​​on the couch in the room they were staying in.

The girls’ former nanny always kept a stuffed animal and left it in the room as a clue.

Immediately afterwards, the two came to the bed and saw the woman behind the wall. “No, Carmen”One of Cynthia’s daughters managed to cry out amid inconsolable cries, and when she saw the former employee in the home, she burst into tears.

Then, amid a sea of ​​tears, the three hugged their former nanny, while Fernandez recorded it all on his phone camera.

As soon as the three little girls saw their former nanny, they stepped forward and hugged her.

It’s worth noting that Cynthia usually surprises her daughters on a regular basis. In fact, he took them to Punta Cana last August and dropped them off at the airport without them knowing they were about to go on vacation.

However, that surprise didn’t end in the best way. The truth is, as soon as we arrived in the Dominican Republic, Francesca had to be hospitalized From a bacterial infection he contracted before the flight.

Just before boarding the plane, the youngest girl wanted to eat a burger, but she didn’t seem to be in a good state, so she got drunk. “He vomited on the plane””, reporter Pampito said at the time.

“Good morning. We’re having a hard time here! Fran seems to have been hospitalized for a few days with a bacterial infection. I have acute gastritis We had to hospitalize her because it didn’t stop. “We are here today waiting for the doctor,” the group member explained after the news broke.

He added: “Thank you everyone for your messages and putting in a lot of effort. I couldn’t believe that something I had prepared for so many months had such bad luck. With so much love, this misfortune happened to him and he couldn’t enjoy it. “Hopefully things will improve soon and we can do our thing.”

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