Circus Maximus, Gualtieri takes shelter and opens a commission of infringements during a Travis Scott concert

On business Travis Scott and zompies of his fans who rocked Circus Maximus and beyond, mayor Robert Gualtieri runs for cover and asks the Capitol Inspectorate to set up a commission to look into possible non-compliance with an American rapper’s concert. The very ones that, according to the director of the archaeological park Colosseum Alfonsina Russo were violated. Hence the diktat: stop swinging in the Circus Maximus.

Meanwhile, the mayor and his adviser on important events Honored Alexander they were surrounded by the Ministry of Culture: deputies Vittorio Sgarbi AND Lucia Borgonzonihaving arrived at the minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, everyone determined the concert, like Scott’s, incompatible with the archaeological area.

Gualtieri and Sangiuliano also spoke on the phone: the Capitol intends to continue the concerts (the next concert of Max Pezzali in September), but it will have to strengthen the mechanism of control over prescriptions and sanctions.

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Meanwhile the superintendent Claudio Parisi Presicce responded to a letter from director Rousseau, asking for an urgent response specifically about compliance with the provisions. From acoustic shock to moshing fan jumps. This is due to the fact that monuments can be damaged due to radiated vibrations.

An inspection carried out by the supervisory authority the day after the concert at the Circus Maximus, writes Presicce, did not find any damage to the archaeological site. But we are waiting for data on specific equipment from Ingv.

Meanwhile, within the majority, a branch opens that supports Gualtieri: Pd councilor Iurie Trombetti wrote to the mayor and cultural adviser Miguel Gotor with a request to “assess the possibility of such events, especially with a view to preserving our archaeological heritage.” And condemning the fact that he was “stormed by numerous complaints from residents of neighboring areas. Citizens complained about sounds and excessive vibration comparable to an earthquake.”

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