Circus Maximus, Sgarby: “Deviations will be sanctioned during the Travis Scott concert”

Alfonsina Russo’s recipes are impeccable

Deputy Minister of Culture Vittorio Sgarbi condemns what happened during the concert Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus and judges the position Alfonsina Russodirector of the archaeological park Colosseum.

Alfonsina Rousseau’s prescriptions are correct and do not exclude the possibility of concerts at the Circus Maximus, but indicate the behavior to be followed, which applies to those who belong to civil society.. Demonic hype, pepper spray, and decibels so exaggerated as to suggest an earthquake are an aberration that transcends all norms and requires individual sanction. Municipal and national supervisory authorities know and are obliged to apply the principles of protection without mediation. Among which is also the containment of decibels, which, as recorded, can be dangerous for the archaeological sites of Palatine. The concert lacked good manners and observance of the rules on the part of the audience, as well as awareness of the place on the part of Travis Scott and his organization; Circus Maximus demands respect and compatibility for even the most valuable musical interpretation. Alfonsina Rousseau pointed out and confirmed these elementary principles, which are not subject to discussion.. The concert would have been a success without going beyond

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