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Citi to offer bitcoin futures trading to its largest clients

Citigroup is considering the option of offering bitcoin futures trading to its largest clients to respond to the growing interest on Wall Street in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The banking giant wait to obtain the pertinent regulatory authorization to take the stepaccording to a person familiar with the matter, who asked to remain anonymous.

“Our clients are increasingly interested in this space and we are monitoring the situation,” the company admitted in a statement.

Bitcoin futures are heavily regulated

“Given the number of regulatory issues and frameworks, supervisory expectations and other factors, we are thinking hard about how to approach this space. We are currently considering the possibility of offering future products to some of our institutional clients, as these are products that operate under a very strong regulatory framework ”, added the American company.

Secondly, Coindesk has also reported that Citigroup is awaiting regulatory approval to offer bitcoin futures contracts..

In any case, Citigroup is not the first asset management company to consider entering the cryptocurrency space one way or another..

Other large banks consider entering cryptocurrencies

JP Morgan already announced a long time ago that it is also considering launching a fund that invests in these digital currencies while Morgan Stanley is also considering investing in bitcoin.

For their part, BNY Mellon and Mastercard already allow you to operate with this asset.

Although, other companies have expressed their desire to stay out of this universe for the moment due to the high volatility of which it is prey.

In Spain, at the moment, no traditional investment institution offers its clients the possibility of investing in the cryptocurrency space.

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