Citibank seeks 100 employees for its new bitcoin area

Citibank is looking for 100 people to hire in its new blockchain and digital assets area that will be operational from December 1. This was announced by Citigroup, which is the business group that owns Citi bank.

In the statement, the company announced the purpose of the initiative. The new work team will have the objective of help the bank’s corporate clients to enter or grow in the cryptocurrency industry.

To do this, Citigroup warns that, before offering any product or service, the new area of ​​the company will thoroughly study the industry linked to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This includes the analysis of both the markets and the regulatory framework and associated risks.

“We are focused on assessing the needs of our clients in the space of digital assets,” says Citi bank. Therefore, the new area of ​​cryptocurrencies and blockchain will respond to the business development unit of the general Citigroup group.

Banks enter the bitcoin ecosystem

With this project, Citibank strengthens its commitment to the cryptocurrency industry, an intention that it had already expressed on multiple occasions during the year. In fact, in mid-2021, the company announced the launch of services that give access to digital currencies and NFT to some of its customers.

Interest in offering services linked to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry has arisen in several banking entities. Proof of this are the recent support shown by banks in Colombia, Brazil and the United States, where they want or have already launched financial services with these assets, including trading, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Citibank seeks to help its clients enter or grow in the bitcoin industry. Source: Ivan Babydov /

In fact, a regulatory group in the United States recommends that banks offer services with cryptocurrencies. Regulators say they are otherwise missing an opportunity to get stronger in an industry that will continue to grow without them, as there are non-bank institutions that provide this access, such as exchanges.

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