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Cities: Skylines After Dark PC Game Download Full Version

Cities: Skylines – After Dark is a game that needs no introduction to players who know this type of games. The player’s task is to build a city of dreams. Cities that will delight and work perfectly. The player has a considerable area of ​​36 square kilometers at his disposal, on which he can build whatever he sees fit. Of course, this is not as obvious and simple as it may seem, which is easy to find out by including Cities Skylines. To build, you need, among other things, financial resources, so the player not only needs to have an idea, but also to carry it out. So running your city wisely is very important. The player has to run his city, set the right amount of taxes, make everything work perfectly and without problems, remembering, among other things, that the city districts can be richer or poorer and taxes must be adjusted to the financial level of the inhabitants.

Cities: Skylines After Dark PC Game Download Full Version

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After Dark is the first very extensive expansion pack to this fascinating game. If you have it, click Cities: Skylines After Dark download and improve your game.

The expansion pack for Cities Skylines , like the game itself, was created by the Finnish studio Collosal Order and released, like the game itself, by Paradox Interactive. The most important part of the supplement is the access to the daily cycle. As a curiosity, it is worth adding that with the release of the add-on, it was included in the game update, so it is not reserved only for those who have this add-on. The daily cycle makes the game more attractive and at the same time difficult. As you know, depending on the time of day, traffic can drop in the city, and residents can engage in other activities. The role of the city’s ruler is to take this into account and, if possible, make it easier for the inhabitants to do these activities so that the city itself, no matter what time of day, works better. Of course, the volume of traffic on the streets becomes very variable at this point, which makes it necessary to properly build roads or control traffic.

Cities: Skylines – After Dark, however, it is not only a chance to introduce the daily rhythm of the game, but much more. Due to the introduction of the daily cycle and the game at night, there is also the possibility of creating many night buildings, and many functionalities related to the city’s nightlife. A kind of curiosity that appears in this add-on is also the possibility of locating a shopping area on the shore and introducing a beach specialization focus. Here – as in other parts of the expansion – the night matters, and the beach zone works best in the evenings and at night, teeming with life at this time. Another novelty are the prisons where criminals are caught by the police and taxis. Another novelty is also important, namely international airports, much larger than those we could build in the basic versionCities: Skylines .

Game trailer – Cities: Skylines After Dark

Owners of computers with less technical capabilities will appreciate that the addition does not require greater computer parameters, nor does it increase the processor load. The moderation of your computer’s performance is enough successfully and won’t cause problems after installing the add-on. If you liked Cities: Skylines, you will undoubtedly like the game enhancement as well, so feel free to download it. Click Cities: Skylines After Dark download , get the add-on and improve your game, thanks to which you will gain many additional possibilities. You will make it more attractive and make it even more fun to play.

Cities: Skylines After Dark PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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