City of Buenos Aires will not use electronic ballots in October elections

The Municipal Institute of Electoral Administration (IGE) reported this Friday that the Single Electronic Ballot (BUE) will not be used for posts in the Buenos Aires general election on October 22.

On that day, votes will be held for national positions (Mercosur President, Deputies, MPs) and capital positions (Head of Government, legislators, community members). On August 13, the first batch was elected by paper ballot, the others by BUE.

Electoral federal judge MarĂ­a Servini on Thursday annulled an agreement with CABA’s electoral court to organize the electoral process with BUE, warning during the day Sunday that it could fail.

As a result, the institute issued this statement: “The IGE believes that the single electronic ballot is an effective tool and has shown many benefits in the PASO elections on August 13, but following the judge’s decision, it disagrees with the authorities. Courts are doomed together. Come design a new system”.

Additionally, he noted that on Sunday, 251 of the approximately 14,000 machines deployed by CABA failed. Of these, 166 issues were resolved on the spot; 85 machines had to be replaced, and “none of the tasks took more than 5 minutes.”

“The IGE affirms its mission to work with judicial authorities to reconfigure the voting system to elect the head of government, legislators and community council members on October 22,” he added.

“You have to take a single electoral action because we already know that two ballots in two ballot boxes is a disaster,” Servini said.

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