Clara Marti-Piquet in Croatia “Now they are organizing a wedding…” – Turin News

On holiday off the coast of Croatia to enjoy the last rays of sunshine like a normal couple. What they would like to be, even if in reality they are not, because Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti continue to spark debate. The separation from Shakira is now a fact and now everyone is waiting for the wedding, the first for both. After all, already in May, Gerard and Clara were spotted, as the specialized portal Vanitatis reported, in a famous jewelry store in Barcelona.

They chatted with the salesman for a long time and, after seeing the elegant watch, began working on the ring. “They’re fixing it now,” he said in a loud voice so other customers and staff could hear him. And now, as journalist Monica Vergara tells us during the Fiesta program on Telecinco, they are apparently organizing a ceremony: a simple wedding, a party just for the two of them.

In the meantime, they probably live together and have made a choice that many do not approve of. According to the Iberian press, they actually recently moved into the same house where Pique and Shakira lived the first years of their relationship and where the couple’s first child, Milan, was born in 2012. A home that was also the first purchased by the Colombian pop star in Spain. Not a graceful gesture, but from the very beginning of their story, which actually began at least a couple of years ago, Piquet and Clara have demonstrated that they do not give too much weight to the formation.

As it turned out later, without any denial, since they started dating, the girl would take advantage of Shakira’s every absence to sneak into the football player’s house. The pop star is resigned to the idea, but not to custody of her children. He lives with Milana and Sasha, who are now ten and eight years old, in Miami, but his father is free to see them by agreement with the pop star. However, the fundamental problem remains because she does not want the children to have a relationship with Clara, and discussions about this are still open.

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