Clara Morgane is back on the small screen … and everyone will get their money’s worth!


Due to the health crisis, Clara Morgane is also benefiting from the boom in paid online shows. She will present her cabaret on January 22.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, theaters have still not reopened in France, and many artists are impatient not to return to the stage. Like Matt Pokora and Jenifer, last December, but also Gad Elmaleh and Kev Adams, on January 30 the lovely Clara Morgane will also offer her show online!

As she explained to her followers on Instagram, this weekend, the ex-pornstar wants “the show to continue”. She has put up for sale tickets for “Le Cabaret de Clara Morgane”, which she will play from the stage of the Oh César cabaret, which she should be showing without the health crisis. For once, there will be no audience, but cameras that will film at 10 pm live.

Clara Morgane on the small screen

Received by Laurent Ruquier, on France 2, this January 16, Clara Morgane estimated: “The artists must be able to continue working. I feel a little responsible, I am with about ten artists, we are a troupe who work very well by touring all over France. We have to find solutions so streaming is one of them. ”

If the experience is necessarily different at home, Clara Morgane believes that she offers the public a chance to relax. She ensures: “you can sit at home, watch the show, receive the glitter and we even provide a catering service with champagne at home, we tried to push the concept”. We know some who will especially need a cold shower…