Clara Morgane-sexy bikini-yellow at the beach ! (PHOTO)


Clara Morgane released to escape on his Instagram old pictures of the everyday life. His favorite place ? The island of Mauritius ! The beautiful posing in the swimsuit sexy.

A week ago, Clara Morgane his published” photo escape“. Support in 2019, and the places you place the island of Mauritius, his favorite. A little bit of a nostalgic post today, a second photo-very sexy.

My photo-escape (2019). This is where I want to. No matter, the sea, no matter how the ocean … “Clara Morgane has the air love this place.

You can feel the tranquility and dream of escape locked up for almost a month. The limitation is often nostalgic, on our previous trips. The sea, the sun and the sound of the waves, what is better ?

Clara Morgane post a photo very sexy today. Once again, it is on the island of Mauritius. It appears, therefore, in a beautiful one piece yellow fart.

A color daring, which goes very well on the pretty blonde. It is shiny, by the sea under the scorching sun and azure blue sky.

Clara Morgane shows sexy on the island of Mauritius, in a bikini in yellow !

Clara Morgane shows sexy on the island of Mauritius, in a bikini in yellow !

Clara Morgane escapes on Instagram

This time, the label is a little different. Published. ” My photo escape 2-2019 – Souvenir from the island of Mauritius, right in front of dals.

In fact, Clara Morgane took in the last year of the famous dance competition : Dancing with the stars. She was a brilliant output. Their elimination was a surprise, since they are not at the top of the leaderboard.

You explained in the legend to his photo. ” 5 kg less than today… you prefer ? “It is better to have nothing at all. Clara is so beautiful now to see that before and sincerely, hard, very hard, the difference.

Also in the comments section full of fans and tell him that you are very beautiful now. ” You are all the time beautiful but with a little more forms. “Others remember that he, too, must feel good in his body.

If you think the plug of the, what, you shouldn’t find yourself beautiful, the other is important. Short, Clara Morgane is still so beautiful and radiant, it’s either going to the beach in a bikini or at home in the pajamas.