Clarissa Molina Causes Sighs and Turns on With Sensual Dance Movements

Clarissa Molina.

The beautiful Dominican does not stop enjoying it in each of her projects, celebrating, enjoying, and dancing always giving everything and of course stealing the hearts of thousands of fans who support her forever.

Clarissa Molina has caused sighs among her millions of followers who have been captivated by her dancing skills that she has boasted with a video that she has recently shared on her networks.

You can see the young model enjoying dancing with one of her favorite hobbies and that is that she has been practicing it for a long time and you can see the naturalness of her sensual movements that have left more than one crazy with emotion.

On this occasion, the television presenter has achieved the recognition of her audience thanks to her specific interventions within the program ” El Gordo y La Flaca ” where she has become a large part of the family that when she is not seen during the broadcasts, she misses him.

During a behind-scenes of the event ” Latin Grammy Celebra Ellas y su Música ” he could be seen showing off his slender figure, with a mini top that left his flat abdomen in view, which he accompanied with cargo pants at the hips with a bag. the sides and sneakers that made her look beautiful to the delight of the pupil of her loyal fans, while she lit a fire with her sensual movements to the rhythm of the music.

Upcoming projects on the doorstep

A few weeks ago the Dominican finished filming in the Dominican Republic and other paradisiacal locations what would be her third film in recent years, a job that she has enjoyed a lot because of the challenge that it has been to delve into another of her passions.

But in a recent interview, he has hinted that he would like to continue with a project totally different from what he has done so far, he would like to host a reality show because he thinks that there are still many stories to tell within that television format.

And of course continue preparing within the cinema because it is an art where she would like to continue training as an actress and she confesses it is one of the greatest challenges she has had to face, so she understands that she still has a lot to learn.

In a few weeks, he will meet an important goal in his career and it is to conduct the ” Sovereign Awards ” in his native country, which has honored him because he recognizes it is one of the most important stages, so he has not stopped. to prepare to break it and show all the talent that exceeds him and to be able to thank as always all the people who have not stopped supporting me throughout this time.