Classic made by Pierluca Maritti in the final stage of Viterbo I

After two triumphant tours with over 30 sold out dates in theaters and clubs all over Italy and 7 stages around Europe, Pierluca Maritti @Piuttosto_che brings his show on stage in Italy for the last time “I did the classic” in the city where it all began, Viterbo, at the theater where he spent his first years of high school,

@Piuttosto_che will be on stage at Teatro San Leonardo in Viterbo on June 30 at 21.15 With comedy that has made him one of the most famous stand up comedians on the web, so much so that today he has a community of 240,000 followers.

between Ludovico Ariosto and Britney Spears, i did the classic Ubiquitous in Italian school programs is an anthropological, ironic and irreverent reading of the great classics, to view them with the lens of current events, without pretense of wishing to draw great life lessons, but rather with a desire to laugh at the words of the past in the present. on a trip through.

already Nominated in 2022 for Diversity Media Prize as “Producer of the Year” Protagonist in 2023 of the social accounts of the Sanremo Festival, on her Instagram profile Pierluca Mariti @Piuttosto_ that serves up a recipe for good humor, thanks to a mix of amateur dances, recipes that go wrong, parodies and heartfelt bets that don’t solve problems. @Piuttosto_che starting with his thirty year old perspective grappling with daily life explains the changes in the society is checking relationships, rights, gender issues And this pop culture Through a light and ironic story, with complete seriousness if necessary. As they say, “It makes you laugh but also makes you think”.

how that i did the classic There is a unique mix between acting, writing and improvisation that creates surprising connections between contemporary and past works. Astolfo who regains his wit in Orlando Furioso reminds us that in the end the compass can be found again, Puccini teaches us not to abandon ourselves to endless expectations in love as they often go badly. When the anthem ends, the Italian anthem has been revised to a more current perspective, especially in light of the political upheavals of the previous year, both in Italy and elsewhere.

A show without literary or linguistic pretensions in which many people will be able to identify themselves, but also a way for @Piuttosto_che to tell his story live by breaking the fourth wall presented by the smartphone screen. Because “he who laughs at himself laughs well”.

The tour is produced by the Cultural Association We StudyA project of unorthodox readings spread across various Italian cities.

Bio Pierluca Husband

Born in 1989, classical graduate and repentant jurist, Pierluca Marity Worked as a manager in a multinational company for seven years. Shortly before the pandemic, he decided to dust off his dormant passion, entertainment, first with stand up comedy, then through his Instagram profile @piuttosto_che. What started as a creative pastime in a matter of months has taken on the dimensions of a real job.

The most exemplary symbol of her “makes you laugh but also reflect” approach is “Tell Mama,” her community’s best-loved column: a series of Instagram stories in which Pierluca ironically talks from the heart and beyond. Responds to cases. A column that is also introduced again in the final part of his show answers questions that the public writes on cards. Just like it was done in high school institution meetings.

In addition to creating content on social media, Pierluca has published several articles for the newspaper Dominie, participated in podcasts and radio programs (not least “Puettosto che”, of which he was co-host in spring 2022 on Radio Latémile ) and signed the monologue “It’s Like a Girl” for TEDx in Ferrara. It features a newsletter that keeps the community updated on their favorite reads, movies and best plays. In 2023 he is the protagonist of Sanremo Rai’s social channels together with Durex to convey music as a vehicle of social and costume change.

bio we are reading

We Reading is an unconventional reading project spread across various Italian cities. It is a new way of experiencing and living together the written word through voice.

They are meetings in which a reader chooses the author or the topic of the meeting according to his own taste and how to set it up: from simple reading, to dialogue, to performance. Musicians, journalists, activists, artists, teachers, students: each season aims to represent the cultural panorama of the host city. Each show is original and creates an intimacy between the guest and the public, who break the fourth wall of the stage and access the show for free.

We Reading is also a portal, a network of groups of young people, all volunteers, who choose to revive this form of entertainment in their city.

Today V Reading is present in Bologna, Milan, Turin, Rome, Cesena, Terni with continuous reviews. It organizes 2 festivals (National We Reading Festival in spring and Uni Reading in autumn), produces and tours its own shows.

It works in synergy with institutions, associations and local activities to provide artistic proposition and cultural promotion of increasingly valuable cities and regions. Established in the summer of 2016, to date We Reading Apps Association has produced over 450 shows, involving over 280 readers/performers, producing 20 live concerts, 10 festivals, in over 50 venues, 25 cities and regions Acted, produced and orchestrated theatrical performances and offered internship courses for students.

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