Claude Francois pedophile? The debate returns to the table …


While the hashtag #Metooinceste has become popular on social networks in recent days, with the Duhamel affair, on the Grandes Gueules plateau, we came back to the Claude Francois case.

“I like them until 17, 18 years. After I start to be suspicious. Girls start to think, they are no longer natural,” said Claude Francois one day. A sentence which is again debated today, and which was the subject of analysis in the program “Les Grandes Gueules” on RMC.

The debate on incest ricochets on pedophilia

This January 19, it was about the Olivier Duhamel affair. The political scientist has been under fire from critics since the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book, of which he was the father-in-law. In her book, entitled “La Familia grande”, she accuses him of having raped her twin brother for years.

A testimony that freed speech on the Web. Thus, in recent days, on Twitter, many messages have been sent under the hashtag #MeTooInceste. Besides incest, there is also a question of pedophilia. And for lawyer Gilles-William Goldnadel, who was a guest on the show, it is a “moral revolution” that is underway.

The risk: judging actions that happened more than 40 years ago, with 2021 glasses. This is what André fears, a viewer who estimates: “We judge today, in 2020, and we forget that the morality slider has changed a lot, a lot “. And the latter just takes Claude Francois as an example, who said “facing the camera, that girls only interested him from 14 to 16 years old”. 

A practice that did not shock many people at the time, he says, since: “The whole of society saw that. We knew what was happening. Everyone knew very well what was going on” …

The secrets of Claude Francois

And that’s not the only disturbing secret that has been told about the star of the song. In 2019, in Valérie Bénaïm’s program, “C’est que de la Tele”, her former personal secretary Christian Morise explained about Cloclo: “Claude was afraid of romantic failures. So, very often, it was necessary that I have a report before him because he was afraid of failure. Let the young girl come in and just ask for an autograph. “

The one who was in his service between 1964 and 1969 added: ” To be sure to conclude, I did it before him. If ever Claude had a failure and then me, it was positive, he sulked me for three days in the car. . He was giving me an impossible fit “.