Clean beauty: Selena and Taylor have a natural glow

WITHElena Gomez and Taylor Swift tell us on Instagram how to perfectly follow the “clean girl” trends

In the beginning they were Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jennerbut now they have become the true queens of the clean beauty trend: Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Best friends, showbiz queens and successful pop stars, the two singers never lost each other, despite the gossip and plenty of poison that kept them at a distance and at odds in the past.

This is evidenced by the latest photo published on Instagram, in which Taylor and Selena look natural and… fabulous! Keeping with the clean girl aesthetic, the pop stars posted snaps of themselves looking amazing. Soft and very radiant skin. Ideal complexion: the photo shows the result of careful and daily skin care, created with the help of special products. Because if makeup can transform us and make us beautiful, then skin care can do so much more: give us the freedom to not wear any makeup and be naturally beautiful.

But what are the beauty secrets of the two divas? Selena Gomez has acne-prone skin, so always use a soothing and specific cleanser. To moisturize, choose creams with rich texture, but light, improving skin absorption thanks to palm massage. She also never leaves home without sunscreen to protect her skin from blemishes and redness. His extra trick? She combs her eyebrows every morning with castor oil, taming and softening them.

Taylor Swift, like her friend, chooses creams carefully. Pop star skin care involves using a moisturizer based on vitamin C and retinol, rich in powerful antioxidants that can counteract the effects of free radicals and the effects of environmental stress. Must-have products include a high-protection sunscreen and a super-creamy coconut cream. Finally, Taylor pampers her lips with hydrating masks and intense lip balms to keep them super soft and repair the damage caused by using long-lasting dyes and lipsticks.

Both then, like good, clean girls, watch their diet. They consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to replenish vitamins that are beneficial for healthy skin, and also drink plenty of water. They carefully read the labels of what they eat, consciously eating a balanced and healthy diet.

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