Cleaning Tips | This is how you have to clean your iron to make it like new and maintain the clothes you wear

This is how you have to clean your iron to keep it like new and care for the clothes you wear

Iron is one of them home appliances It facilitates our daily life and makes our garments look stretched and perfect for daily work and the most special occasions.

However, with use, irons can build up residue, which can be uncomfortable and annoying, especially when it damages our clothes. Lime, rust or dirt. Even ironing starch can leave a sticky residue that should be removed.

To that end, we give you the best tips to keep your iron looking clean, shiny, shiny and respectful of your clothes for the best results.

1. Clean with baking soda

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with one tablespoon of water and stir until you have a slightly thick paste. Apply it to the iron with your fingers or a spatula, let it do its work, and then remove it with a damp cloth.Wipe with another dry cloth and use Glue the hole. Then empty the water tank, fill it again with distilled water or water mixed with vinegar, set the iron to the highest temperature and generate steam, which will pass through the holes and remove the remaining dirt. Iron an old cloth or some useless clothing to collect the residue, empty the water tank and let the iron cool down.

2. Clean with salt

Pour a few tablespoons of fine table salt onto a dry cloth, heat the iron (be careful to avoid burns) and rub until smooth. Stains disappear. Let it cool and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

3. Clean with vinegar

Dampen a cloth with warm white vinegar and then Use it to rub the base of the iron. For very stubborn stains, do the same with vinegar and salt. After the operation is completed, clean with a dry cloth.

4. Clean with detergent

Great for non-stick frying pans.Boil hot water and pour small amount of detergent Do laundry (a few drops may be worth it). Dip a cloth into the mixture and wipe the iron with it.

5. Clean with dish soap

It is used to remove stains in functional areas Board opening. Mix the liquid with water and moisten the ear swab, then rub it over the area you want to clean.

6. Clean with toothpaste

Pour the paste directly onto the iron base (a small amount) and wipe it with a cloth All stained areas. Turn on the iron and let it release steam, which will clean the holes.

7. Clean with newspaper

The right way to remove sticky stains left behind by some ironing starches.Turn on the iron and set it to maximum temperature without water or steam, Unfold the newspaper from the cardboard and iron lightly until all residue is removed.

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