Cleaning with Vinegar | 10 Uses of Vinegar in Household Cleaning

Vinegar is one of the star products in the kitchen.However, its uses are not limited to dressing salads and meals, as Vinegar is an excellent cleaning product. White vinegar is different from white wine vinegar.. They should not be confused.The first one has a Acidity 8% The acid concentration of the second one is only between 3% and 5%. One we recommend for cleaning is white vinegar.

andVinegar has become one of your best allies when it comes to cleaning your home, and since its acidic nature gives us properties related to degreasing and disinfection, it is one of the best options to help eliminate bacteria and other germs in the best possible way. This makes it a great alternative to chemical products, which we often don’t want to use because they are so strong.

10 Benefits and Uses of Cleaning Vinegar

1. Antibacterial agent

White vinegar is a Powerful natural disinfectant. You can use it on any surface in your home: floors, tiles, glass, and even removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

White vinegar can Eliminate bacteria, fungi, mold and other organisms that may cause dirt and unpleasant odors. For example, it is useful for sanitizing and cleaning food cutting boards, especially if they are made of wood.

2. Eliminate bad odors from clothes

Vinegar will also work Neutralizes bad odors from clothes, yellow stains from sweat, bad odors from the refrigerator or food containers you want to reuse (such as glass jars).As far as clothing goes, it’s excellent in addition to eliminating bad odors natural softener.

3. Remove stubborn stains from fabrics

White cleaning vinegar is also widely used to remove stains. difficult organizationEspecially delicate clothes, such as blood stains, yellow stains on white clothes, white marks left by deodorant on the underarms of clothes, etc.

4. Remove scale from objects and surfaces

Due to its acidic nature, white vinegar is a The perfect product to remove limescale without damaging the surface to which it is applied. To achieve perfect results, the amount of vinegar must be reduced by adding water according to the density of the lime.

5. Clear the drains

Specific white cleaning vinegar and baking soda is a Powerful sewer unblocker. In addition to unclogging clogs, it also eliminates unpleasant odors that may be developing in the pipes of your sink, tub, shower, or kitchen sink.

6. Remove gum and lint from clothes

If you have gum on your clothes, just Apply white vinegar to gum stains and let sit for a few minutes.. The acidity will dilute the gum, making it easier to remove. You can then wipe and remove any residue from your clothes or any surface.

7. Clean any type of stainless steel and other materials

mix One part vinegar to two parts water You can clean any stainless steel surface such as an iron, shower head or ceramic stove.

8. Clean glass and electronic screens

Vinegar is also great for cleaning any type of glass, Including mirrors and screens for TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones. For the latter, remember to mix it with distilled water and pour the mixture not directly on the screen, but on a microfiber cloth.

9. Repel Insects and Bed Bugs

By mixing vinegar with a pleasant scent like peppermint or eucalyptus, you’ll get a very effective insect repellent. Targets all types of insects.

10. Clean and polish the oven

Can I use vinegar to clean my oven? Yes! In fact, it’s one of the most popular home hacks on the internet.To do this, you must first Remove racks and trays from oven (You can soak them in a sink with a solution of water and vinegar) and apply the cleaner to them to do their work.

Thus, to clean the inside of the oven, pour equal parts hot water and vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray mixture on oven walls, including door. Let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes so the grease softens and is easier to remove (the time depends on whether the grease is new).

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