“Clear?” Vlad Yama showed a handshake trick at Dancing with the Stars and shared family photos from the gym

Vlad Yama spoke about the evening when he almost broke his finger (Photo: Instagram.com/vladyama_official)

Live Dancing with the Stars, choreographer Vlad Yama was injured during a performance. In his Instagram, the show judge told how it all happened, and then showed how he trains with his wife and son.

In his profile, Yama posted several stories, where he told the chronology of the events of that evening. He performed in a joint number with Yulia Sanina and Dmitry Zhuk. He got injured after unsuccessfully performing support.

In his Instagram, Vlad Yama talked about the broadcast on Dances when he was injured / Photo: NV Screenshot


 We had one night to prepare. I still do not believe that the number was a success. And I have never agreed to such an adventure. We’ve done this support 30 times, but on-air, it’s usually a little different. I realized that things were bad, but I didn’t want to attract too much attention. I really wanted to shake hands with Dima and Yulia, but … the pain grew. A handshake with Dima is the most technical moment of that evening. Julia and Dima, thank you! ” – the choreographer wrote in his stories.

In his Instagram, Vlad Yama talked about the broadcast on Dances when he was injured / Photo: NV Screenshot
Due to injury, Yama could not fully shake hands with the dancers / Photo: NV Screenshot


The judge of the show had suspicions of a fracture, but the x-ray showed that it was not. In the story, he also posted a photo of a swollen hand with the question “ Whole or torn [ligament],” and then a photo from a gym session. “But my legs don’t hurt,” Yama commented.

An arm injury does not prevent Yama from swinging his legs / Photo: NV Screenshot


Also, his wife Liliana posted a photo on Instagram where the whole family is engaged in sports in the gym. In the photo, the dancers’ four-year-old son, Leon, is hanging from the bar.

Vlad Yama showed how he goes in for sports with the whole family / Photo: NV Screenshot

As a reminder, the quarterfinals of the show Dancing with the Stars took place last Sunday. Four couples prepared three dances each – technical, improvisational, and with one of the jury members. For example, Sergei Melnik danced ballet with Yekaterina Kukhar in an unexpected way.