Cleopatra and Gal Gadot on the film’s status: ‘It’s an important assignment’

Gal Gadot is in no hurry to make a film about Cleopatra, calling it an important task that commands respect.

Gal Gadot will interpret Cleopatraalthough it is not yet known when. It’s been three years since a new project about the famous queen of Egypt was announced, but the film still seems to be on the high seas, also due to the recent writers’ strike, which further slowed down the development of the story. But about the film about Cleopatra, the lead actress broke the silence, specifying that she was in no hurry, and playing the queen is a particularly responsible task that deserves respect.

Gal Gadot on ‘Cleopatra’: ‘I don’t want to rush’

In recent weeks, Gal Gadot’s name has stirred up international media, thanks in part to claims (later debunked) of a comeback. amazing woman with the third film. In between, the actress also reappeared on Netflix screens as a star. Heart of stone, but the future will bring her to Egypt, although it is not yet clear when this will happen. To the microphones flauntGal Gadot clarified that we should not rush as we are dealing with such important characters:

This is an important task. I don’t want to rush into realizing this, it commands respect because we are talking about Cleopatra. We have incredible screenwriters like Laete Kalogridis. This is a beautiful scenario. We are taking our time as one has to be responsible when dealing with such an incredible, iconic and legendary woman.

Soon he will also show his version Evil queen From snow White on Disney’s next live stream, but as far as Cleopatra is concerned, Gal Gadot clarified that the film will tell the Queen’s story by taking a modern approach:

The story of Cleopatra has already been brilliantly filmed several times, but I know that our generation and young people know very little about her. They know that she was a seductress, she had affairs with Mark Antony and Julius Caesar, but in fact, when you read about Cleopatra and her life, her legacy and the empire she ruled, you understand that she was an extraordinary woman. . There are so many things that have never been told about him and that is exactly what I want to celebrate.

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