Cliché Georgina Rodriguez tells us about her time together with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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In fact, people see the couple consisting of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo in magazines. Il y aurait des tensions between the two, the Spanish-Argentines do not support life in Saudi Arabia, the Portuguese make no attempt to save the married couple… Des rumeurs comme il y en a eu des dizaines auparavant. Once upon a time, the answer of love was the same: a common fate with great sorrows.

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C’est ce qui s’est produit hier. Georgina and Cristiano dined at a chic restaurant in Riyadh. Sauf que cette fois, le cliché publié sur les reseaux sociaux n’a ressuré personne! Of course, this is the main thing. More than once you will clearly see that today there is something or there is nothing. Magazine people want them to be happy…

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Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo agreed to go to a restaurant in Riyadh yesterday. When you see them, you never know if you will appreciate this moment. Here the press consoles the press, here she announces an imminent breakup between them.

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