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he cosmetic an ideal ally female Either for cover up some imperfections Or further highlight its beauty. Some people put it on their face every day, whether they are going to work, attending a party, date, family gathering, or other events.

Some women even feel weird if they don’t dress up for a day. Whether you’re applying makeup for day or night, it’s important to prep your face before applying makeup so you can look radiant.

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Once you are ready, you must check if your products have expired and one more very important thing: clean your brushes, sponges and brushes thoroughly, otherwise your skin may suffer the consequences.

For example, if you regularly have acne problems in addition to using dermatology products to get rid of them, then you should think about whether you are cleaning your brushes regularly, or this may be the source of your acne.

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On average, women who wear makeup wash their brushes less than once a month. Some are due to ignorance and some may be due to laziness.

If you are a regular person who regularly skips washing your brush, we invite you to continue reading this article so that you can understand the consequences that your skin may suffer if you continue this bad habit.

The consequences of not cleaning brushes, sponges and brushes

*Bacterial accumulation: Makeup brushes tend to collect bacteria, dust, and dirt, which can lead to acne, eye infections, and dermatitis if not cleaned regularly.

*Skin allergies: Just as bacteria can cause severe acne breakouts, they can also irritate your skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly will help you keep your brush fibers healthy and soft, which will make them gentler on your skin when used, thereby avoiding uncomfortable irritation.

*Clogged pores: If you don’t clean your brushes, makeup can build up on them for weeks, causing clogged pores and glands. Not only that, but you’ll contaminate your makeup.

*Pests: It sounds strange, but it’s true. There is a case on YouTube A beauty blogger revealed that her makeup sponge was covered in bugs because she said it had not been washed. In fact, both dust and bacteria make brushes and sponges ideal homes. That’s why it’s important to keep them clean.

*Blemished makeup: Not washing your brushes can make applying makeup more complicated. Whether it’s eyeshadow or foundation, they’re going to look bad if you don’t wash your brushes, and they’re going to look bad if you don’t prep your face before applying makeup.

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So now you know! If you want to show off beautiful makeup, you need to have all the tools to apply it cleanly, otherwise all your work will be ruined and instead of looking beautiful, you will look dirty.

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