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Rai Movie proposes the film entitled American Woman. It is a drama genre film with sentimental atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2018 and the duration is one hour and 51 minutes.

American Woman film actors

American Woman film – director, protagonists, where it is filmed

Directed by Jake Scott. Main protagonists are Debra And Bridget Callahan interpreted respectively by Sienna Miller And Sky Ferreira. Also in the cast Kentucker Audley in the role of Brett Tobeck.

Filming took place in Americaespecially a Boston and neighboring areas in the territory of the Massachusetts.

The production is of Romulus Entertainment in collaboration with Scott Free Productions And Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA).

The film is known internationally with the same title.

American Woman film where it is filmed

American Woman – plot of the film broadcast on Rai Movie

The plot has as its protagonist Debra said Deba young single mother who has a teenage daughter named Bridget. The girl became pregnant very early by a boy of her age and she recently had a baby. Debra And Bridget live in a small town in the Pennsylvania and the year in which the story takes place is 1998.

The two women don’t have an easy life because relations with the rest of the family are extremely stormy. Nonetheless they manage to carry on day after day as best they can even if their daily life always has the same routine.

Deb she is very fond of the child of Bridget and often takes care of him thus allowing her daughter to have moments of leisure necessary for a teenager. One evening Bridget tell your mother you want to go out with Tyleri.e. the natural father of the child. Naturally Deb she makes herself available to support the child throughout the evening, but the next morning she realizes that her daughter has not returned home and looks desperately for her.

Final spoiler

Bridget but she disappeared into thin air and there is no trace of her. Deb He searches for her in vain and finally decides to report her missing to the police.

Thus begins a long and painful ordeal that lasts 11 years before Deb come to know all the truth that has always been hidden.

American Woman final film

American Woman: the complete cast

Below is the cast of the film American Woman and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Sienna Miller: Debra
  • Sky Ferreira: Bridget Callahan
  • Kentucker Audley: Brett Tobeck
  • Christina Hendricks: Catherine
  • Will Sasso: terry
  • Katie Elinoff:Cindy
  • Rene Cadet: Paul
  • Gavin Earle: Murph
  • Kobi Polisky: Patrick – 8 years old
  • Amy Madigan: Peggy
  • Adrianne Krstansky: Carol Hanrick
  • Alex Neustaedter:Tyler Hanrick
  • Kelly Rose Golden: Jenna Cunningham
  • rogers Mitchell: Det. Sergeant Morris
  • Bates Wilder: Detective O’Brien
  • Chet Harding: Local journalist
  • Gwen Callahan: Mrs. Clancy
  • Karen Elverson: Mrs. Caponi
  • Rosemary Mahoney: Mrs Hastings
  • Maggie Castle: Brett’s wife

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